Tips for Treating Sensitive Skin

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Sensitive skin is characterized by redness and irritation to environmental aggressors such as sun, smoke, cold air and pollution. What is there to be done?! Sensitive skin may be treated, calmed, controlled and even prevented if we are aware of the right products to use.

The first professional advice is to look out for a gentle cleanser and soothing toner, use daily sun protection (yes, even in winter time, don’t be fooled by the nasty cold weather, sun can be there messing with your sensitive skin) and use and antioxidant rich mask three times a week to calm your complexion’s reactions.
Your day by day skincare regime should remain simple, limiting flare-ups as well as helping you to identify products and specific ingredients that you do react to.

When you want a new product, it is advisable to do a patch test, preferably with a sample. Apply a small amount on your neck and upper arm and wait 24 hours to see if there is any reaction before investing in that specific product.
Again, try monitoring the ingredients of products that do cause reactions and see if you can pinpoint a specific ingredient that you are having problems with. Although anything can cause sensitivity, some of the most common “problematic” ingredients in skincare products are: artificial fragrances and colorings, aluminum and synthetic preservatives.

Unfortunately, preservatives are a must-have for all water-based beauty products, but there are plenty of natural alternatives: Vitamins A,B, C or E. Alternatively, use water-free oils or balm products.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    My skin is SO sensitive – I find that the Avene range (avail in pharmacies) is perfect for it and also some of the Simple range too (available in supermarkets).

  2. daab says:

    Thanks for great info. I’ve very sensitive skin. And I’m sick of it. Every single thing I use on my face gives me breakouts. I should go for natural light cleanser 😀

  3. Celazome says:

    Great advice on using sunscreen in the winter. For so many, they think it is only important in the warmer seasons. In the winter, the snow can reflect harmful UV rays from the sun and ever so vital to keep protected no matter what the season.

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