7 Ways to Get Rid of Acne Forever

Acne is a common skin condition and it occurs when the pores of the skin get blocked. The dirt that causes the blockage gets infected and leads to acne.
acne scars

The build-up of bad bacteria, candida (a yeast-like parasitic fungus) and yeast in our digestive tract is one cause of acne nowadays. Taking antibiotics in the past, chlorinated and fluorinated water, too much sugar and birth control pills are all major causative factors that boost the growth of bacteria in your body. Below are some of the ways you can get rid of acne forever:

1. Eat Healthily

This may sound complicated but it’s really not! Although, it may be a hard thing to do when you first start, once you are on the path, you are good to go. You will start feeling healthier, energized and most of your health problems including acne will disappear slowly. So, you need to change your diet to a healthy diet now. To start eating healthy, you can follow the tips below:

  • Start reading the labels, don’t buy foods with ingredients that you don’t understand and those with long ingredient lists
  • Avoid fast food – preferably make your own food.
  • Avoid processed, microwavable, fast foods.
  • Start making smoothies.
  • Limit red meat consumption.
  • Limit or avoid totally any sugary drinks, including natural fruit juice.
  • Start buying & eating lots of organic vegetables and products.
  • Do your research, see what people say about the products.
  • Add good bacteria (probiotics) and truly natural supplements to your diet.

Overall, make awesome meals making use of healthy ingredients. Do you want something really simple? Then, you can eat raw, unprocessed, organic food. Don’t eat food that your grandparents wouldn’t recognize. Drink water and green smoothies.

2. Limit Your Sugar Intake

It has been shown that sugar contributes to a variety of health problems. There is surely an increase in the level of acne when consuming a lot of sugar. Researchers have shown that a low-glycemic diet improves the symptoms of acne. Sugar as well as dairy have not only been known to worsen acne but to trigger it. It’s hard to eliminate sugar all together but if you must take something sweet, get used to eating fruit. This will not only sweeten your mouth; it will also do great things for your body. However, everything should be done in moderation.

3. Load Up on Zinc Rich Foods

One of the foods that support immune system function by helping them repair the gut lining, and also helping in the growth of physical tissues and wound healing, is foods that are rich in zinc. Some of the sources of these foods include chicken, beef, crab, pork shoulder, lobster, oysters, baked beans and fortified breakfast cereals. All these should be included in your diet if you want your acne to be cured forever.

4. Vitamin a-Rich Foods (Carotenoids)

Carotenoids (Vitamin A) are used in anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment for acne. Some of the rich sources of vitamin A or carotenoids are spinach, kale, cantaloupe, carrot juice, carrots, vegetable soup, mangoes, frozen peas, papaya, instant fortified oatmeal, and tomato juice. However, red bell peppers and fresh and canned peaches provide modest amounts of carotenoid. Try and eat much of these foods and watch your acne disappearing forever.

Improve your intake of Vitamin B5 as it helps reduce acne and improve skin greatly.

5. Use Lemon Juice

Lemon helps control the oiliness that is a part of acne because it has astringent properties. Lemon juice helps to shrink the blemish. To make this work, dab a bit of lemon juice on the acne-affected part of your body and let it stay overnight. You can wash it off with normal water in the morning. Continue with this procedure and see the difference after a while.

6. the Use of Cinnamon and Honey Mixture

Use the mixture of both cinnamon and honey as a face mask. To make this mixture, add 5-6 pinches of cinnamon powder to one teaspoon of honey. Mix well and apply as a thin mask on the face. Allow this mixture to stay on your skin till your skin feels stretchy, wash it off with lukewarm water and pat dry.

7. Reduce the Use of Non-Professional Makeup and Skin Care Products

…as most of these makeups contain low-quality ingredients that can damage your skin and may possibly lead to causing acne. Instead, use high-quality, professional products specifically designed to balance out the root causes of ance – and, which do not contain fragrances, perfumes, PEG, parabens or other irritating ingredients. Biodroga MD – at www.skincare-usa.com– is a great line to use for professional acne products without harsh, irritating ingredients.

And remember, stay hydrated! This is good for everyone suffering from acne as every process in the body depends on you being hydrated. Always drink water if you want to look good and feel your best. Follow the above tips and you are sure to see a reduction in your acne!

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