The Natural Health Defender: Vitamin D

Sufficient vitamin D in the blood will help your immune system to protect you against the swine flu, bird flu, human flu, and many other viruses. Vitamin D is a true support for the immune system, a guarantee of its well functioning and efficiency for a sustainable health.

Vitamin D helps the immune system to defend against viruses. It is a real natural health defender. Researchers at Oregon State University have published a major study showing that vitamin D has a crucial role for the immune system: stimulates immune function and destroys invading microorganisms (including viruses). Vitamin D prompts innate immune response by activating an antimicrobial protein.

This study shows that without sufficient vitamin D in their blood, viruses grow freely in your body. If you lack vitamin D, your immune system is weakened and does not work effectively. A simple example is: the people with lack of vitamin D get the flu more often in the winter.

Specific immune system genes are activated by vitamin D. Thus, it will protect the initial infection with the virus, in addition it will prevent the body to react in excess by swelling (bacterial pneumonia, an infection of the lungs). If your body maintains a sufficient level of vitamin D, the flu viruses are rapidly neutralized.

Sources of Vitamin D

The main source of vitamin D is the skin. In the skin is found a fat, called pro-vitamin D. Under the influence of light, pro-vitamin turns into vitamin D which is then absorbed into the body through vessels located in the deep layer of skin.

What to Do to Protect Our Health?

Although you probably thought of supplementation with vitamins, it is much easier to follow a healthy diet and to have the correct alimentation.
High doses of vitamin D are found in natural pollen collected by bees, seeds, wheat (attention: not in germinated wheat), unrefined vegetable oils (sunflower, olive, rape, etc.. – the first extraction). Because this vitamin is very sensitive to heat, light, oxygen and acidic environments, fire-cooked food is very poor in vitamin D.

Although fish liver, fatty fish, egg yolks, whole milk and milk products are rich in vitamin D, by cooking them you diminish their amount of vitamin D (even pasteurized milk is the factory – at UHT is completely useless).

Our recommendation is to eat foods rich in vitamin D – raw use, without heat treatment. This treatment (dietary) is absolutely safe, inexpensive, natural, and – most importantly – easy to follow. In addition, it is very pleasant!

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