Natural cures that keep you beautiful

Forget the pills for swollen throat, fever or insomnia. Salute the natural cure.

Surely, your body can betray anytime.Either you wake up in the morning with a sore neck.
It would be great if you could have a therapist trainer or doctor, who could treat you immediately, when you feel the minimum discomfort?
[singlepic id=250 h=120 float=left]Here’s the safe solution: specialists in natural medicine declare in unison that we have sufficient remedies available to treat pain without being forced to get out of the house.
So the time has come to make place in your cabinet, to keep a special shelf in the freezer and one in the kitchen cabinet and to fill those with some surprising remedies.
It’s like having a doctor in the house 24 hours from 24.

Heal a burn

[singlepic id=252 h=100 float=right]If you accidentally touch tray out of the oven when it was hot, apply a gel with aloe-vera on the wound. The cooling effect and the anti-inflammatory properties will act immediately.

The gel with aloe-vera will create a layer as a second skin that will protect the wound, preventing the propagation of terminal exposed nerve irritation.

Eliminate unpleasant smell of tired feet

[singlepic id=254 h=120 float=left]Sit with your feet in a solution made of one part vinegar and two parts water to remove bacteria that cause odor.
Another option: take daily a bath of legs in black tea concentrate, for 30 minutes.
Tannin in the leaves of tea destroys bacteria and closes pores, leaving your feet dry throughout the day.
It is known that these bacteria tend to multiply in a wet environment. The results will be seen in a week, maximum two.
Attention: bath with vinegar is made only at the legs without wounds, cuts, etc.

Refresh unpleasant breath

[singlepic id=251 h=120 float=left]If you feel that toothpaste is not enough and no mouthwash refreshes  your breath, try  gargle several times daily with a solution made of one part water and a part fresh lemon juice. Then after this procedure, consume a yogurt with Lactose bacteria. These macrobiotics neutralize bacteria responsible for unpleasant smell of the mouth and the lemon juice provides a fresh breath.

Smooth cracked lips

[singlepic id=253 h=110 float=right]Before bed , get  a habit to knead  your lips with a  mixture prepared in the house of three ingredients that make miracles: an anti-inflammatory cream, a moisturizing cream and three drops of olive oil.
After this mix your lips will be more fine and soft. Remember you should continue this treatment even after their condition has improved.

Revive swollen eyes

Black tea is rich in beneficial elements like the tannin – an ingredient that contains astringent compounds that help the depletion of sore tissues. Activate the tannin adding hot water over tea. After getting cold, put them in the freezer for ten minutes, then apply them directly on the eyelids for a restorative effect .Follow this treatment regularly and you will see how your eyes will be brighter.

Whiten your stained teeth

[singlepic id=256 h=150 float=left]If you noticed unaesthetic stains on teeth, or they have acquired a light yellow color, go to the dentist for an appropriate advice. Often these problems occur if you’re used to drink every day tea, coffee, or red wine. Also foods such as tomatoes, sugar beet, and berry’s have a major influence.

A solution at hand, which can benefit before going to a doctor, is to use toothpaste with bicarbonate. Or you can try at your home and practice a simple method: when brushing your teeth add to the toothpaste some powdered sodium bicarbonate and a drop of water.

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