Tae-Bo miracles

I know that you like to be hip and good looking. You can mix them together now, by taking some Tae Bo lessons, the latest trend when it comes to training exercises and losing weight.

One good example regarding this, is the fact that in the United States this technique is used by over 2 million people, and to mention some of them… Paul Abdul, Pamela Andreson and Shaquille O’Neal.

Tae Bo combines elements of aerobic, ballet, karate, box, hip-hop dance and gymnastics & lifting weights in an harmonious way. It looks like martial arts without being a self defense course.

Tae bo demands a lot of energy, fast pace, energetic moves and it isn’t recommended to people that are sedentary. Before starting such a sport it’s good to be sure that you’re fit, for this you can start with basic training in aerobics or jogging.Tae Bo is exciting, exhilarating, provoking, funny but also very effective, taking in consideration that in one hour you can burn around 500 to 800 calories, compared to 300 to 400 which can be burned in an hour of aerobics.

Besides its contribution in the burning calories struggle, Tae Bo also increases balance, coordination, mobility, helps in muscle hardening. Not to mention that when it’s done in a correct way is a very good cardiovascular workout.

In a practical example Tae Bo needs a course with 50-60 minutes and it includes twirls, torso inclinations, stretching, feints, feet lifting, punching simulations. There is no break. The moves follow the rhythm of the music continuously, and the different sets of exercises are linked together by jumping sessions. It looks difficult and baffling, but if you take a good look at its advantages you’ll see that it’s worth it. Each muscle is being worked at the maximum power and the result is a well-defined body.

So, Tae Bo it is!! We searched the internet and found this great short video with a great Tae-Bo workout example. Take a look.


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