Skin Care Resolutions You Ought to Keep During 2019

If you keep just one resolution this year make it that you’ll look after your skin better
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Honey, it’s the post-holiday grind. And you know what that means – you’re back to work a little jollier, a bit older, and a touch poorer. But we all know those aren’t the things on your mind. 

A new year brings resolutions and a fresh set of promises to make and break. Well, sugar, if you keep just one resolution this year make it that you’ll look after your skin better. All you need to do is sleep properly, clean your makeup brushes, and clear your pores. I’ll explain the rest now.  

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Have a Regular Sleep Pattern 

Beauty sleep is real. When you wake up tired, strung out, and feeling more Maleficent than Aurora, it’s not only your head that’s hurting. Your skin is suffering too. A lack of sleep gives you puffy eyes, puts wrinkles on your forehead, and makes your skin weaker. The first resolution you must make and take in 2019 is to have a regular sleep pattern. 

There’s science behind the sleeping beauty principle. While you’re sleeping, your skin is working overtime to repair and regenerate your cells. Getting less than seven hours sleep can seriously impair this, but that’s not all. The time you sleep matters too. 

As Kendra Flockhart, education executive at Darphin, explains: “between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m., our cell production can double, and if we’re in a deep sleep, you could see cell turnover increase by three times between the hours of 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.” It’s simple, if you want healthy skin for 2019, make sure you sleep from 11 p.m. until 6 a.m – at a minimum! 

Break Up Your Bad Makeup Habits 

Before we go any further, you and your makeup don’t have to break up, or even go on a break. But you do need a little therapy and to learn how to get along better. It all starts with getting into two good habits that will both make your skin healthier. 

First, never, EVER, sleep in your makeup again. Doing this blocks your pores and stops your skin from breathing, putting you at risk of getting an acne outbreak. I advise you go for a double cleanse before bed – use an oil cleanser and then a water based one. Doing this clears away both your makeup and impurities. 

Second, clean your makeup brushes. It only takes 10 seconds to do this but the benefits to your skin are enormous. Bacteria grow on dirty brushes and causes your skin to get irritated and have breakouts. That’s not all, though. We both know that makeup brushes aren’t always cheap and the less you clean them the quicker they’ll wear out. So make sure you clean your brushes often – at least once a week.  

Keep Your Pores Clean and Clear 

Your pores are pretty smart. They clean themselves and do a lot of their maintenance work for you, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving a hand. Cleaning your pores regularly helps to stop them blocking and blackheads from forming. 

Exfoliating is crucial to clearing your pores. Doing this removes the dead cells from your pores, and also makes it easier for moisturizer to be absorbed. The result will be sunnier and softer skin. But don’t go overboard with exfoliating, as doing it too much can give you irritable skin. Keep to twice a week and you’ll get the benefits without the drawbacks. 

If your pores are already blocked then don’t fear. Using a vitamin A-based treatment, like Differin, will help to clear them. Differin unblocks your pores by reducing the growth of the cells that cause them to block. Using this treatment once a day will clear your pores in only a few weeks, and help to get rid of any acne outbreaks you have. 

Every year, billions of people make new year’s resolutions that they keep to for days at most. For 2019 my message to you is to make looking after your skin the resolution that sticks. All you need to do is follow these three resolutions (OK, I lied earlier) and your skin will shimmer and glow all year round. 

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