5 Important Bra Buying Tips for Women With Big Boobs

Now you have no excuse for buying a lousy fit bra!

So, Here There Are Our Bra Buying Tips for Women With Big Boobs:

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#1 Pay Attention to Size

It’s very likely that you’re still wearing the wrong size bra. You won’t know what a proper fit feels like until you try out a couple of bras. This means experimenting with different sizes, shapes, and styles.

When you have big boobs, finding the ideal size is relatively harder. And what happens when you are unable to find the right size? You resort to squeezing your boobs into a smaller size. This can lead to breast pain, tenderness, and headaches.

To really pay attention to size, measure up! You need to measure your cup, bust, and band measurements. Only then would you be able to buy the best minimizer bras for large breasts.

#2 Consider Your Breast Shape

Once you have the proper size measurement for the bra. It’s time to consider the shape of your boobs. There are many common types of breast shapes. There’s round, teardrop, bell, and slender shape breasts.

For women with big boobs, a teardrop, bell, and round shape are very common. And not every bra fit each and every one of these shapes.

Let’s take an example. Say you have teardrop shaped breasts. You need a breathable demi style bra. These don’t pull at the sides. Plus they’re more supportive than triangular-shaped bras. Cause they give your breasts enough room, at the bottom and sides, to breathe.

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#3 Wear the Right Bra Material

Fabrics are the only way to avoid sweating or heat buildup inside the bra. If you’re buying a heavy and thick bra, it means you’re buying for big boobs. However, they’re the first ones to cause sweating. Not to forget, they make your boobs feel suffocated and hot.

With more and more top-quality brands on the market. You get to choose the best fabric for bras. Women with big boobs get the opportunity to experiment with different fabrics. And not just for bras for sagging breasts. You can choose from lace, mesh, or plain polyester.

You no longer have to settle for basic. Even if you have big boobs! Trust me ladies; those awful days of sacrificing on comfort for style are gone!

#4 Don’t Wear the Same Bra All the Time

Shop for bras for separate occasions. When I tell you that there’s a right bra out there, it’s true. If you have big boobs, you don’t need to place all your hopes on one bra. In fact, there’s no such all-purpose bra to speak of.

A t-shirt bra might be comfortable and seamless. But it doesn’t go well with all kinds of clothing. You need a strapless bra for backless dresses. Longline bras for a full-busted figure. And a great sports bra to support and lift your breasts.

All these types of bras are essential for women with big boobs. Having said that, not all of them share the same size. So make sure you measure up your breasts each time you buy a new bra.

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#5 Go for the Right Band

How can I miss the band size? Especially when talking about the 5 important bra buying tips for women with big boobs. The band of the bra shares 80% of the support and lift needed. Did you know that?

If you don’t pay attention to the band size, your shoulders will not be able to hold the weight. This can cause pain, tension, and tenderness.

Make sure, once you put the bra on, you can slide the bra from right to left. There should be no pressure on your sides when you lift your arms. Nor should there be any tugging when you’re lying down or seated.

Stop Fighting With Yourself to Find the Best Bra for Big Boobs

Anyone who’s ever worn a DDD+ bra knows the struggles of being a full-busted girl. And if you’re tired of wearing an uncomfortable bra, it’s about time you look this up.

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