How to Get the Most From Your Cosmetic Products

Tips about how to get the best of your makeup kit, below you’ll find out how to maximise cosmetics uses.

If until now you thought lipstick was only meant to cover your lips, wrong! Now you’ll find out how to maximize your make-up. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the most from your cosmetic products. Hairspray, body lotion and bronzer, they all have a multitude of uses. Just follow these simple tips and get the make-up bag staples working harder than ever!


  • Spray a fine mist over your face to keep your foundation in place
  • Squirt hairspray onto the ends of a make-up brush and sweep over your parting to beat flyaway hairs
  • If your shoes are too big, try spraying your feet with a light coating of hairspray, it will stop your feet from sliding around
  • To avid static hair, spray some hairspray onto the hair brush then smooth over that section of hair.

Lip Balm:

  • Restore ragged cuticles by massaging it into your nails
  • Tame eyebrows by dabbing some on to keep them in place
  • Seal split ends by smearing a tiny amount into the ends of your hair
  • Relive razor burn by smoothing over affected areas
  • Apply directly on dry elbows and knees to fix them fast
  • Massage into cuticles before self tanning to stop them staining


  • Use it to hide in-grown hairs on your legs or bikini line
  • Prepare your eyelids with concealer before applying eye shadows
  • Make your lipstick last longer by applying concealer first
  • Use it to hide mosquito bites or bruises.

Body Lotion:

  • Mix it with perfume so you’ll get a scented body cream
  • Keep it in the fridge and use it as an instant soother
  • For dry skin types you may use body lotion to moisture your complexion
  • Run out of shower gel, use body lotion mixed with water.
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