Tae-Bo miracles

I know that you like to be hip and good looking. You can mix them together now, by taking some Tae Bo lessons, the latest trend when it comes to training exercises and losing weigh

A fresh face with small tricks

After a white night, the area around the eyes is the one that can say everything about you! We will teach you how to treat the side effects, but we advise you to take care of your sensible face!

Sexy female body

Abdomen Workout for a Supple Waist

The summer is here and short shirts and mini skirts are here too. This is the time when you need to get rid of any excess fat from your belly

Hair loss?! Causes and 3 natural cures

Here are some useful and important information about a problem that we all face at a certain time: hair loss.

How mirrors reveal health problems

Your face has health indicators, though you probably didn’t know. Look around sometime and be attentive to any changes! And we are not talking about wrinkles now …

Diet knocks-out cellulite!

If you want to look good on the beach this summer, it’s not too late to start the war with cellulite. Besides the latest treatments and physical exercise, diet plays an important role in removing fat deposits .


Makeup Kit for Summer

For the perfect summer makeup, you have to adjust your makeup kit to accommodate the right tools you need for the season. Let’s see the trends.

tanning bed

Get a Nice and Healthy Tan

Summer comes, you want a shiny bronze all over your body, and we know how to get it. Learn the benefits of “self-tanning” method and some tricks with which you can get a perfect tan any time.

How to Take Care of Your Eyes

Sight. The most precious sense. Do not ignore it! Test its acuity regularly and following our advice.

Fitness on the go!

The beautiful time arrived, so you can include 30 minutes of jogging every day in your program. If you can not run, walking quickly can be as efficient, if you know its secrets…