Quick beauty tips about how to get a hot party makeup in no time.

Who doesn’t enjoy getting dolled up for a party? It’s a great opportunity to go all out and look your absolute best!

Some tips are given here for make up for night party. When you have to go for a party, you want that everyone should notice you. So, I hope my beauty tips are fit for your needs.

Wash your face with cold water and apply moisturizing lotion. Moisturizing lotion will help your make up to last longer. Massage the lotion into your skin. This will open the pores of the skin and also increases the blood circulation. Now you are prepared to apply make up to your skin.

Foundation: If you plan to be dancing or under hot lights, keep your foundation from caking up and looking messy by applying a light layer, touched-up with loose powder to cover imperfections.

Eyes: Prime eyelids with foundation and translucent powder. Use a neutral stone eye shadow and work from the base of the lashes to the eye socket. Apply a darker eye shadow in the corners of the eyelids and underneath the lashes as an eyeliner. Apply a gel-based eyeliner using a fine brush on your upper eyelids. Use an under-eye concealer on the darkest areas and on the outer corners of each eye.

Never use dark blushers on your face. Blushers should always be light as compare to your lipstick colors.

You can also use sparkles to look different and attractive in the night party.

Lips: 1960’s retro red lipstick sets the trend for the latest in lip color this season and really stands out on those with blonde hair and pale skin. If you’d rather go classic than wild, try a dark plum or wine color to accentuate your lips without looking flashy.

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