Pregnant women or those who suddenly lose or gain weight are more likely to have stretch marks. So, we found 4 natural remedies for stretch marks.
Five Proven Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Right after after you had you positive pregnancy test you should make plans for your body changes. Right now we’re dealing with stretch marks.

Pregnant women or those who suddenly lose or gain weight are more likely to have stretch marks. So, we found 4 natural remedies for stretch marks. Unfortunately, this problem although doesn’t affect our health, makes us anxious and frustrated because of skins bad appearance, especially when we struggle with all the power to remove them from our skin.

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Although on the market are dozens treatments, each more expensive and more demanding than other, specially designed to remove stretch marks, you should not have high expectations. Any money you invest in these products, will not make stretch marks disappeared, the only method of complete removal is the surgical, laser or ultrasound way.

However, instead of using expensive creams, you can turn to natural treatments, much cheaper, and you might be surprised that they will work, even better than the luxury products.

Here Are Some of the Best Natural Treatments:

Aloe Vera

On the market you can see a wide variety of creams and ointments that contain Aloe Vera. Acquire a cream and massage the areas affected by stretch marks daily, about three times a day. Also it would be great to have an aloe plant, you can massage the skin with the juice obtained from squeezing the plant.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a powerful ally in fighting with stretch marks, especially if used regularly. Heat a little olive oil (as much as your skin supports), massage the skin, and wrap up with foil and wait for 20 minutes. After that, get in the shower to get rid of dead skin cells.

Balm With Swedish Bitter

Swedish balsam role is to heal wounds, but also to restore skin elasticity. Therefore it can be successfully used to significantly reduce stretch marks. Affected skin has to be massaged daily for at least a month, twice per day. In a short time, results will appear.

Marigold Cream

Although it is very oily, calendula cream helps reduce stretch marks. For visible results you can mix calendula cream, collagen and vitamin A. These ampules offer skin elasticity, treat stretch marks and prevent the emergence of new ones, are therefore they are especially recommended for massage during pregnancy.

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