Makeup Trends for 2010

This is why, nowadays, it’s so chic to use the same color combination that made Madonna, CC Catch and Annie Lenox shine!


Start by creating a perfect makeup base, with a moisturizing foundation, set well with a fine layer of transparency powder and accentuate it with little pink on your cheeks and eyebrow line well defined. First draw an outline with a pencil or a dark eyeshadow. Over this line use the eyeliner. In this way you can be sure you won’t do anything wrong. Lipstick can be a strong red or a very natural beige.

Disco Makeup

Combination of pink and brown, blue-pink, lilac-blue, satin or textured metallic eyelids meet on a sophisticated game of shadows. Colors must be added until the brow line. The blush has to be bright pink, and lipstick pink pearl.

Nude Make-Up

It is the most difficult to achieve because you have to have a pretty face and look good without makeup also. The result is very feminine and natural. All makeup colors are brown, beige and pink.

Rock Makeup

Eyes are very well contoured and the maximum attention is dragged on the external corner of the upper eyelid, which is emphasized with black eyeliner. In combination with black, violet blue or ultramarine can be used. Eyebrows are thin and well drawn, and the lips are very powerful colored, in dark shades of red or brown.

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