Berlin fashion Show 2009

A short review on the last Fashion Show in Berlin, with famous brands, such as: Joop, Escada and Miss Sixty, and, of course, Mercedes Benz - as client!

The fashion show was kept this year I Berlin, between 01-05 July. This year, the show had 3 different exhibition places: the historical heart  – Bebelplatz, a former postal freight train station called STATION-BERLIN and at the former Tempelhof Airport.

Its 3 parts: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, “boudoir” and “premium” enjoyed a great success; in fact, we knew it will be that way. How other way when it comes to Germans?! 🙂

We will remember just a few famous names that pleased our eyes in this year’s Berlin Fashion show: Escada, Boss Orange, Custo Barcelona, Joop and Miss Sixty.

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