Fashion Trends for 2010: What Colors to Wear?

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We are still fighting the terrible winter, with dark leather jackets, jeans, boots and life-less clothes… But, for the spring-summer of 2010, designers promised us a great comeback of all the beautiful, lovely colors. So, let’s find out about the colors you should wear starting from… march! The color palette for spring-summer 2010 is chic and radiant.

Base: Black and White

It is known that the basis of each fashion season “kings” color are white and black. 2010 is no exception. Say yes to black and white outfits this year. The combination of the two colors is always a winner!

Come-Back: Green.

The return of green color in the new collection is great surprise. What was purple for the past seasons will be green for 2010. The tones of green used are very sophisticated, the most common tone is the one that the plants turn into when they are dry… a dark muddy green. Also, beautiful shades of raw green or khaki, even metallic green will be widely used.

Colors in “earth Tones”.

Botanical colors will always be in fashion, green and brown tones.. Shades of green gradually turning into shades of soil, olive and chocolate. Combination made of these colors look gorgeous.

Purple  and Gray Tones.

You can wear a simple outfit, or a glamorous dress, but the real must-have is to add a piece of clothing in one of these colors: grey or purple. This is the key that will attract all the eyes in the room.

The So Called: New Red

Red remains present on the podium, even if slightly modified. Pure red once, this year became similar to the shades or red raspberries.

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