How to Deal With Pain That Appears During Sex?

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What is there to be done in a couple when their sex life is turned upside down? Pain during sex can be a real disaster for a couple, if the two partners don’t communicate. Read below and find out what to do if these unpleasant situations occur.

Many women may see discomfort during sex time, or even more serious pain, as “needed to be accepted”. Totally wrong! There are also women who tend to do everything for their partner and therefore they can’t enjoy a real sex life because of these pains. Usually, this kind of problem is hard to describe precisely and even to locate.

One of the most important things to do in these situations is to STOP! It doesn’t matter where you feel pain, how intense it is or not, if it is the first, second, 100 time you feel it. Specialists advise us to stop no matter the moment, because it doesn’t matter if the problem is the lack of lubrication, sexual position or any other cause. Until you figure it out with the help of a doctor, just stop and do not feel embarrassed. If the man next to you is not capable of understanding why, explain your physical pain, if he still acts inappropriate, maybe it’s time to let him go!

What May Cause These Symptoms?

Specialists say that there are basically two major causes for pain during sex: primary – directly involved in creating pain and secondary – created by pain itself in case that sexual act continues.

One of the most common primary causes is lack of lubrication. There are more solutions for this problem: spend more time in the foreplay, take your time to get naturally lubricated or buy a lubricant water-based. Another primary cause may be bacterial infection. These can be solved with the help of antibiotics and some simple treatment prescribed by a gynecologist. Again, endometriosis, or some sexually transmitted diseases can be at the base of your pain. Importantly, whatever the cause, go and consult a doctor to find the best treatment.

If you have pain during sex but you have eliminated all possible causes mentioned above-primary causes – you may be suffering from vaginismus, which is a secondary cause pain, and it manifests precisely because you left a primary condition not treated. This leads to involuntary contractions and pain when it comes to penetration. What you could do in this case? You might try asking the help of a therapist to discover what lies behind this involuntary reflex.

An important factor in treating any disease is the relationship with your  partner and the understanding that he shows. If he does not understand and, in worst cases, even force you, you will only get in bigger health problems so, try solving them one step at a time, immediately as they appear.

Another factor could be age or loss of libido. I heard that some natural remedies could work. Does horny goat weed work the way people talk? Or another cause of it could be buying a better mattress. I don’t know, let’s find out in your comments below.

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