Is Botox Safe? the Pros and Cons of Botox Injections

One very popular anti-aging method that has been used and recommended by a variety of celebrities throughout the recent decades is popularly known as Botox.
Close up of hands of expert injecting botox in female lips
Close up of hands of expert injecting botox in female lips

Attractiveness has been important in human societies, whether as part of meeting various social and cultural expectations or borne out of a personal desire to master first impressions, achieve social and economic mobility, or even simply for one’s own sake because one can afford to do so. Whatever the reason may be for making oneself appear more attractive, the cosmetics industry has always been a socioeconomic powerhouse due to companies seizing on people’s insecurities and aesthetic aspirations in such forms as targeted advertising and aggressive marketing. One of the most common forms of maintaining one’s physical attractiveness is through the use of anti-aging methods in order to acquire a more youthful and energetic appearance. One very popular anti-aging method that has been used and recommended by a variety of celebrities throughout the recent decades is popularly known as Botox.

What Is Botox?

The word “Botox” is a shortening of the paired words “botulism toxin.” That’s right, the medical procedure originates from a fungal toxin that causes botulism, a medical disorder that causes, among other symptoms, paralysis of the muscles, which can be debilitating and in some cases potentially even fatal. However, in a small enough dose, the botulism toxin is not hazardous to human health, and local injection of small amounts cause paralysis only of specific muscles, namely those that cause facial movements which stretch the skin over them during such actions as raising one’s eyebrows or squinting or smiling, thereby causing physical manifestations in the form of things like wrinkles and crows’ feet. Therefore, the ultimate intended result of local paralysis of these muscles is the prevention of stretched skin and therefore wrinkles from forming on the face, thereby minimizing the appearance of stress and aging.

Why Get Botox?

When they are undertaken by a highly skilled and reputable licensed medical professional, Botox injections can and more often than not do yield satisfying results to the patient and customer who requested the procedure to be done, and with minimal side effects or complications. By relaxing the targeted muscles in the face, usually around the eyes and mouth, the patient and customer can attain the more youthful and vibrant appearance they were looking for, and relatively painlessly, as a topical pain killer can be administered to the site of the injection beforehand. Many celebrities and models have used Botox injections to help them maintain their appearance for their roles in the public view, while many others still have used it for similar reasons in their personal lives, and the customer feedback is almost always positive, not to mention clearly visible from the public perspective.

Cons of Injections

While Botox injections done by a highly skilled and reputable licensed medical professional should be relatively quick, painless, and effective, one that is done at the hands of an incompetent or negligent practitioner can end up being fraught with issues. For example, the wrong facial muscle or muscles may be targeted and paralyzed by human error or even ignorance, causing an undesired facial expression, in some cases permanently, as an unfortunate result. Additionally, if a needle is not properly sterilized beforehand or if an allergy to or adverse interaction with the toxin has not been properly documented in a prior medical history, infections or allergic reactions, respectively, could be the result. Make sure to do your research on medical professionals in your area who can perform this procedure properly.

Cost is another issue, as Botox injections happen to be quite expensive. Not only this, but to maintain the results of the change of appearance require multiple periodic procedures to be done.

A Positive Experience

All in all, Botox injections are a safe and convenient procedure that can help people look younger for whatever reason, be it personal or professional. They work by using small amounts of a paralytic agent in order to paralyze the muscles of the face that are responsible for creating wrinkles as a result of stretching the skin as facial expressions are made. They are approved by the FDA and have consistently provided satisfactory results for all those who have undergone the procedure. However, it is worth noting that among the people who most prominently have the procedure done tend to be wealthy. Indeed Botox injections are costly, individually as well as in the sum total of the subscription required to maintain the results over time. If desired and affordable, it is certainly worth it.

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