Hottest Tricks for a Beautiful Skin

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This article comes into your help… in fact, it helps your skin :). Learn about the hottest tricks that will offer you a beautiful skin in 2010.

There are many products on the market that will help you treat minor skin imperfections. Find out which product is appropriate for you and start feeling beautiful!

Smoother Skin in a Few Moments

In the cold season, use a mild and very moisturizing cleaning product. Avoid soap and products with lots of perfume, because they will dry out your skin. After washing, always apply a nourishing cream, which should contain glycerin and hyaluronic sodium. You will immediately feel the effects and you’ll feel much better about yourself!

Hydration From the Inside

One of the reasons that the skin looks more supple and smoother is that it retained as much water as needed. To prevent dehydration, drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Do not expect to not feel thirsty ever again :), because at that time there was already a great shortage of water. To improve the appearance of your skin, you can take supplements containing glucosamine and Omega 3. This will help you withhold water at the skin level and have a great general aspect!

Collagen Against Stretch Marks

Today, you can confidently turn to specialized treatments against stretch marks. Beauty Centers offer you aesthetic beauty treatments based on collagen, which will dramatically change the appearance of the affected areas. Follow such a treatment and remember, the sooner, the better! That’s because, in time, affected areas will lose their elasticity and it will be more difficult to get a response to such a treatment.

Of course, I found some products right for this skin problem. In fact is not quite a problem… it is just out necessity of looking good and having a stunning skin all the time. So, here comes Dermalogica, with hydrating body creams and lotions, even some ready-made kits.

I searched and they have really good prices. Take a look!

Dermalogica Spa Body Therapy, 1 kit for 30$

Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream for 45$

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