Great Tips for Fitness and Diet

Use these advices in this weekend and see how much better you will feel. These short fitness and diet tips help you improve your body tone and offer you the shortest way to a great look in just a few minutes. So, try them and let us know.
Five Proven Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Two Fitness and Diet Golden rules for the Day:

  1. The secret of a healthy diet: eat foods rich in vegetable fiber, because you will be full of energy the whole day.
  2. Reduce Calories! Keep olive oil in a sprayer bottle, so you use less than usual.

Consume More Protein

You need protein to stimulate muscle tissue, so its good to take a snack sometimes, almonds, chicken, in any case though, not! Biscuits.

Weights Lifting

The larger the muscle mass is, the more calories the body burns. Once a week, workout with heavier weights.

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More Cardio for You

More cardio, you don’t need an extra hour, but you can add 10 minutes of running, rope jumping or cycling because helps you quickly get down the not wanted kilos.

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