Complete your diet with exercises

Any physical activity helps you toughen your muscles and helps you losing weight, as long as a do it for one hour. Most obvious sign that an exercise gets that benefic effect is: sweat. So that you won’t get bored, you can do any different type of exercise every time you want to. It is recommended to workout 3 times per week minimum.
[singlepic id=348 h=170 float=left]For example, Monday run in the park (but slow running) – burn 1000 calories.
Wednesday at home doing some aerobic exercises, accompanied by movements targeting problematic zones: 30 – 50 abdomens, weight lifting (can be two bottles of one liter of water), lunge for the legs, lifting the back foot at 90 degrees for buttocks – burn 500 calories.
Friday you can dance for one hour (burn between 200 and 300 calories), you can go swimming (400 calories), you go roller-skating (900 calories) or you can go cycling (burn between 400 and 600 calories ).

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Electro stimulation, kind of sports

Experts say that an electro stimulation session of about 45 minute, equates to six hours of fitness. Electrical pulses emitted by the device, contract muscle fibers, as during a fitness exercise. By electro stimulation results are visible after four sessions. After 12 sessions you can lose up to 3 kilograms.

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Solutions for cellulite

If you do not take measures in time, cellulite can cause pain and may encourage the emergence of diseases. Cellulite makes blood tissue circulation difficult, resulting in accumulation of toxins. Moreover, in time, collagen fibers that support the skin elastin break due to increase in volume of cells. Effective in reducing cellulite are anti-cellulite creams combined with massage.

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