10 rules for losing weight

10 holly rules for losing weight. It is so easy to apply them, and you will see results in no more than one month.

Five Proven Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Hello dear friend, we thought to offer you a July gift, and here it is! 10 holly rules for losing weight. It is so easy to apply them, and you will see results in no more than one month. A supple waist and a healthy body and mind.

0. Drink at east 2 liter of water daily!!! This will cure your body, and help you eliminate toxins!
1. Give up chips and snacks, but also “microwave cooked” meals. 100g of boiled potatoes contain 66 kcal, while the same amount of chips has neither more nor less than 519kcal.
2. Mainly use olive oil. Avoid butter or margarine. Some bottles have a special gradation for helping you in pouring oil in salads, so you won’t make them fat!
3. Choose dietetic products with no sugar and also, diary products with low fats.
4. Discard products prepared in friteuse: covered with oil and totally unhealthy.
5. Consumed little sausages or red meat. Focus instead on chicken products. When you buy meat or order in a restaurant, always choose the weakest parts: screw, escalope, etc…
6. If serving meat, cut them in thin slices so you will have less meat to eat in fact.

7. Choose steam cooking, this way preserves vitamins in food, plus that it does not require the addition of oil.
8. Eat more vegetables, fresh fruit, complete cereals (rice, whole bread, muesli), and potato salad: they contain little or no fat, but a wide range of vitamins. You can also use frozen vegetables because cold preserve vitamins.
9. Do not buy muesli commercialized in stores because they contain a lot of sugar, nuts, chocolate chips, so there is no possible losing weight program in them!
10. Avoid as much as possible chocolate, chips, ice-cream, sugar, and fast-food.

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So, your goal is to lose weight fast, don't you?

Beautips and Allure Tools compiled a guide of 5 clever ways of losing weight fast in a sustainable way. You can lose up to 24 pounds (10 Kg) in a month without putting too much pressure on you body!

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  1. For me, rule number 0! works just fine. I am using all your advices and i am glad they help! Keep up!