Top Fashion Trends for Late 2018 and the Beginning of 2019

The fashion trends of 2018 has been about a number of experiments – from fall styles to stripes to the basic holiday embracing sparkles and jewel tones, following listed are the top fashion trends for 2018 that you must know.

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Fun vs Formal Fashion Trends of 2018

Fashion is more than an art form some might say, it is a philosophy, and in many ways can be seen as social commentary. That’s why every year has its trends and 2018 is no different. As with everything fashion, trends can either be fun and casual or they can be more formal. Trends can range from fun tees and fanny packs to more formal looks for more professional occasions.

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The Best Ways to Apply Elbow Patches to Blazers

Elbow patches add to the fashion quotient and even help in wardrobe rotation. There’s a bit of humor in elbow patches, which makes it pair well with several classic wardrobe elements like skirts, pleats, and slacks.


Can Our Outfits Spark Creativity?

Translating imaginative ideas and bringing them into existence, either for introducing new ways or products; or improving them, is creativity. Imagine all the facilities that we have today, like modern transport, internet, latest tech, complex architecture, advance medical services etc., is because of creativity.

fashion girls

12 Rules for Being a Fashion Forerunner

Fashion is unique to each individual, but most people want to get a jump on the latest on trends. Then

Italian Style on Red Background

When in Rome: How to Dress-Up Like an Italian Fashion Icon

When it comes to fashion and wearing clothes in style, almost nothing beats Italian women – and we don’t talk only about celebrities.

Amy Winehouse – or – funky style

Her complete name is Amy Jade Winehouse. She is 26 years old and a Virgo :).