6 Style Trends for 2019

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Paris Fashion Week: Hippie modernism meets the Mediterranean in Chloé's spring and summer 2019 collection
Paris Fashion Week: Hippie modernism meets the Mediterranean in Chloé’s spring and summer 2019 collection

Hippy Modernism

Walk tall and free with this trend. It is neo-bohemian inspired with warm and sun-kissed colors that will bring out a woman’s sensuality with a cool and relaxed vibe. Accessorize with amulet jewelry, knitwork, and crochet pieces. 

Colour – subtle and statement – with bold, bright shades, as well as pastels

Color Wheel Tailoring

Suit up and feel the power when you try this trend. Fashionistas say that this should be a staple on every girl’s wardrobe, a tailored jacket with a couple of tailored trousers, skirts, and shorts that comes in bold, bright, Starburst hues. Nothing screams women empowerment in with these power suits. 

Patch pockets; front-loaded tool belts slung across the body; the mega-return of cargo pants in dusky hues.

Low Key Utility

Using accessories as clothing is the key to this trend. Giving the “utility look” a new meaning, the use of bags and wallets as a form of clothing is also a statement that girls can do fashionable multi-tasking. Big pockets, enormous belts slung over the body in dusky colors complete the look. An important sidenote: expect the return of cargo pants. 

Crushed cocktail sheaths; volume dresses, corsages, ostrich feathers

Wonky Couture

Be fabulous and have fun with couture. This trend features tulles, ruffles, bubble skirts, taffeta, satin, pleats that packed a punch of personality. Try to keep it casual by pairing your loud couture piece with leisure wear. 

From ostrich to peacock, feathers are the new fur

Feathery Accessories

Feathers are in this year. Fly high and accessorize with ostrich feathers or peacock colors. Mules with feather trimmings top the list of this trend. 

Square Toes

Another trend in the 90s revival that we have been seeing since last year comes in the form of the square toes trend. Strut the streets with high heeled boots and sexy sandals. 

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