How to Layer Clothes for Fall

When the temperature drops, it’s about layering! You have to figure out how to stay warm and cute at the same time!

You are done with your fall shopping, but you don’t know how to style your clothes. Take my fashion tip: fall is all about layering! I have some tricks for wearing jackets, cardigans and scarves in ways that are sexy, not bulky.

Layering is all about pairing different kinds of clothes together to create one cozy, thrown-together look that seems effortless yet very fashionable. It’s pretty simple, trust me: add a cardigan over a tank top, or pair a dress with a blazer.

Let’s Check What Options We Have for Layering This Fall

Use Casual Layers to Make a Fancy Skirt or Dress Work in the Daytime

Belt Your Cardigan for an Effortless Look

Wear a Cropped Sweater Over a Button-Up

Wear a Loose Top With a Loose Sweater, and Pair With Tights and Ankle Socks

Wear a Fur Vest Over a Long Cardigan, and Wear That Over a T-Shirt or a Tank Top

Layering Is a Great Technique for Your Style in Fall Time

Fall is the best season ever, isn’t it? It’s beautiful, but when it comes to the weather, it really needs to make up its mind already. I mean, if you want to be warm, then great! Summer can last just a little bit longer. If you want to be cold, winter will come very soon. But right now we are talking about fall, and we have to learn how to be pretty with all those sweaters. We don’t want to be cold, but we don’t want to look weird neither. So layering is the ultimate key!

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