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What Causes Split Ends and How to Treat Them

Split ends or the condition that is called as trichoptilosis is a condition wherein the ends of the hair break and split. When not removed, the damaged part of the tresses can travel up to the roots, making them look frayed, brittle, and dry. Trimming the ends of your mane can help remove its damaged part.

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The Golden Rules of a Good Hair Care

Have you been neglecting your hair lately because of your busy schedule? Some women think that having a glossy and lovely crown of hair means spending hours on it or spending money on expensive hair care products. But this is far from the truth.

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5 Hair Care Tips Post Pregnancy

To minimize hair shedding, let me share with you some hair care tips post pregnancy that have somehow worked for me.

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How to Naturally Lighten Your Hair

Bleaching is something trendy, but hair damaging. You can have the same results with natural products, at your own home. So why don’t try it out?

How to Reduce Hair Damage From Hair Straighteners

Hair straighteners, like any hot tool used on hair, can cause damage if you don’t take steps to reduce hair damage from hair straighteners. However, by mastering a few tips and techniques, you’ll soon be crafting great hair styles without the risk of damaging your locks.

How to Maintain the Long Hair

Here are our 7 beauty tips for growing and maintaining a healthy long hair:

Hair Care With Simple Treatments and Immediate Results

Some intelligent tricks that will offer your hair the shine you want and the health it needs.

Miracle Tips for Faster Growing Hair

Find out what to do when you want to get that long hair back! Or if you just one to learn how to make it grow faster. Miracle tips for faster growing hair.

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Fall-Winter Hair Care Tips and Tricks

With the winter approaching, we have to keep in mind some simple rules when it comes to hair care, basically tips and tricks.

Shinny Hair Color Even in Summer Heat

The sun, salted sea water, brushing and hair die are just a few factors that can affect the natural beauty of your hair. How to beat them?!