With the winter approaching, we have to keep in mind some simple rules when it comes to hair care, basically tips and tricks.

Well, it’s almost winter in a way. Half of October already passed so we are now facing lower temperatures and more difficult weather conditions. And when it comes to protecting our beauty we have to consider all the aspects.

This article is supposed to help us all figure it up what to do for our beloved hair in harsh times. So, with the winter approaching, we have to keep in mind some simple rules when it comes to hair care, basically tips and tricks.

  • Low temperatures affect our hair. Exposed to frost temperatures the hair deteriorates, and this is exactly why we should always have good care of it. Every time you wash our hair, make sure that you use a mask or a conditioner designed for damaged hair (though your hair might not be damaged, just make sure that you treat it in advance!).
  • For stimulating your natural hair growth and for protecting its roots in the cold weather, use castor oil. You can use it in its pure natural condition or buy a hair mask based on castor oil.
  • Do not overuse your hairdryer. Overusing your hairdryer will contribute to dry damaged hair. Try to blow dry your hair as little as possible. When you use your hairdryer, try using the ‘cool’ setting. Allow hair to dry naturally. If at all hair dryer must be used, then turn it on at its lowest setting. Heat from dryers, curling tongs and other styling equipments are damaging to hair.
  • If you have colored or chemically treated hair, moisturizing your hair regularly will never be more important. Colored hair has a tendency to dull in the winter months, and this is largely due to the diminishing sun hours and the lack of natural moisture in the air.
  • Shampooing the hair too often can exacerbate dryness just at the point when the hair and scalp are drying out more easily. Try not to shampoo more than once a day, and aim to use only high quality hair care products which actively moisturize the hair.
  • Regular hot oil treatments, at least once or twice a week will also seal in some extra moisture for your hair. It is important that if you start this routine, that you continue with it through the winter. And you can use olive oil, castor oil or jojoba oil.
  • Long hair, medium or short, doesn’t matter, don’t wash it daily!!!!
  • Also, although you might have some raised expenditures during fall and winter time, our suggestion is that you make time and keep some money apart for some special treatments at specialized saloons. A normal nourishing treatment lasts for 35 minutes and should be followed every three weeks.

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