5 Hair Care Tips Post Pregnancy

To minimize hair shedding, let me share with you some hair care tips post pregnancy that have somehow worked for me.
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Hair going thinner and lighter and then gone? The first time that all that large chunks fall off drain, I was horrified! Back then, my newborn was just a week old, and I haven’t yet regained my strength. I looked into the mirror and had failed to recognize the face that looks back at me. What happened to my usual vivacious self with that glowing skin and lustrous locks? Am I going bald?

Hair loss and hair thinning is common post pregnancy. It is inevitable, and it’s downright scary. What shall you do about it? Is there a means to regain all that hair that you lose? Well, it turns out that some of those hairs will grow back eventually. To minimize hair shedding, let me share with you some hair care tips post pregnancy that have somehow worked for me.

Care for Your Scalp and Get a Nice Haircut

Pulling your hair in a tight band is a big no-no! Adding pressure to your scalp will just result in more hair loss. Choose a style that will allow your hair to move freely, without restricting braids, ponytails or buns.

Long hair might have worked for you during pregnancy, but that won’t do after delivery. Your locks are a safety hazard. It can smother baby’s face while you are breastfeeding. Baby’s small fingers can also get tied up around your hair. You don’t want your hair pulled here and there so better chop it off.  You can also try massaging your scalp with coconut oil at least once a week.

Choose the Right Haircare Products

After delivery, your favorite shampoo and conditioner might not work in your favor. Haircare products from the grocery aisles are usually harsh, with hundreds of chemicals that you can barely pronounce. Since post pregnancy is the time when your hair is the most sensitive, choose the right hair care products that can arrest hair loss while gently nourishing your locks. Invest in the right type of shampoo. If you can find an organic alternative, then better for you.  Just a few extra bucks are all you need to restore your crowning glory and regain your self-confidence.

Use the Right Beauty Tools

Fine-toothed combs won’t do. You need a comb that can create the least friction on your sensitive hair. Choose a large-toothed comb with smooth rounded edges. After taking a bath, resist the urge to scrunch your hair with your bath towel. Its rough surface will give you frizzes and tangles. If you must dry your hair use an old soft t-shirt instead of a towel. Do not twist and pull your hair, just press the water down and let it drip. Stay away from hair dryers. If you must use a dryer, then switch it to the cool setting.


Wear fun head scarfs, hair bands, and clips. Do not fuss and don’t style your hair. Do not touch it! Just cover your head when you are going out. Remember, your scalp needs all that tender loving care. Try styles that will make you less conscious of your hair. Maybe something as simple as wearing a fancy hat will do the trick for you.

Focus on Your Diet

You may continue taking your prenatal vitamins if your doctor agrees. If you lose a lot of blood during delivery, an iron supplement might help. Eat a variety of nutritious foods such as eggs, green leafy veggies, nuts, legumes, fruits and whole grain cereals. Help yourself, you deserve it!

Hair loss after pregnancy is expected, but it’s not the end of it. Choose the right hair care products to combat hair loss. Be mindful of what you eat as diet has a huge effect on your hair and skin. Changes take time. It may even take months just to return to your old self. Your body will adjust gradually. Be patient, mommy beauty.

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