Why Do You Need to Stick With Microfiber Hair Towels?

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What are all the things you have tried for Hair Growth?

Have you changed to herbal Hair shampoo?

Started to include protein and iron-rich food in your diet?

Hydrated the hair roots periodically?

Started to wash your hair twice a week?

Still, experiencing issues in keeping the hair in good condition?

Do you know that the hair drying process is one of the factors for Healthy Hair? Turban up the hair causes more hair strand breakages. The only way out is in the selection of towels.

“Microfiber Hair towels” — In recent days came across that term very often on the internet. Not only a trendy product but also is an inexpensive product, protecting hair without making frizz and abrasiveness. Even the salon Industry prefers Microfiber hair towels over lengthy cotton towels. Hair stands like “microfibers” become a top beauty product because of their beneficiary features.

If you want to stick with microfiber towels, the following reasons ensure that you are making the right decision!!

Incredible Reasons to Use Microfiber Hair Towels:

1) Reduce the Hair Drying Time:

Microfiber towels are made up of smaller fibers that are knitted together. On a small surface, it contains thousands of fibers that make them denser than soft cotton towels. Due to this, microfiber sucks up the water from the hair more quickly than other towels. Depending upon the hair length and thickness hair drying time varies. Microfiber hair towels lessen that time by half and protecting the hair cuticles.

2) Can Show Kindness to the Hair:

Generally, after the hair washes, we may rub the hair with towels with full force or wring them to get rid of water or a hairdryer to blow. These processes entangle the hair strand into each other and causing damages. Microfiber Towels simplify the hair drying process. In a gentle wrap, a microfiber hair towel absorbs the water from the roots of the hair within a few minutes.

3) No More Lint:

Commonly towels shed “pill” or “lint” of “Fuzzball” when its small fibers are broken down in the longer usage. Rubbing hair with lint-shedding towels completely changed the texture of the hair. The Microfiber towel is the only way to freedom from the lint because it never releases fuzzball.

4) No More Frizz:

Frizzy hair is the result of dryness. If you are fighting against frizziness, choose good quality microfiber hair towels without a second thought. Unlike standard towels, microfibers are soft which do not make any rough contact with hair. It imposes no friction to the mane while it absorbs the moisture. As a result of that, it keeps the cuticles in the Good Condition and avoids the interlocks of hair.

5) Roam Around With Light- Weight Stuff:

Microfiber hair towels are lightweight and won’t occupy large space in the vacation bag or suitcase, unlike bulky bath towels. Go on vacation by carrying a lightweight pack that ensures your healthy and beautiful Hair.

Not only is it a beauty aspect but also a healthy aspect, Microfiber Hair towels ensure the silkiness of the hair with no more frizzes.

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