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Hot Tips for Makeup in the New Years Eve

Here are some quality tips about how to choose the right make-up for that awesome night between the years.


Makeup Trends for 2010

The current makeup trends, the ones that make-up artists propose for 2010, have their roots in the generous makeup of the 80’s, years filled with color and imagination.


3 Perfect Christmas Gifts

What to buy for Christmas is no longer a problem. We have the perfect solution for you, 3 Christmas gifts, and where to buy them from!

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Eye Makeup in Shades of Green

If you usually makeup in gray, brown and black, now it’s time to switch to more daring colors. How about green vivid color? It matches any color of hair, skin and eye color.

Eye Makeup Depending on Eye Shape

Eyes are perhaps the most interesting part of our face.Before creating an eye make-up, take a look to: the eye color, hair color, clothes and eye shape!

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Tips for Choosing the Right Shade of Lipstick

This article is about how to choose a correct lipstick shade following simple rules… and observing your right skin tone.


Eye Color Guides Your Eye Makeup

For today we searched for some hot tips about how to emphasize your eye color with the simple eye make-up.

Mascara History

Mascara is available in several colors and the best known method of presentation of this product is in the form of a tube with a small brush as applier.