Mascara History

Mascara is available in several colors and the best known method of presentation of this product is in the form of a tube with a small brush as applier.

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Mascara is available in several colors and the best known method of presentation of this product is in the form of a tube with a small brush as applier. Wonder ingredients that emphasize our looks every day are: water, thickeners wax, and preservatives. There are different types of brushes for this product! They may be curved for a curving effect and with or without nylon fibers for Elongation. The first non-toxic product was invented in the nineteenth century by Eugene Rimmel. This product was so successful so, today, in some countries, the word is synonymous with mascara.

The heritage that Eugene Rimmel left is a cosmetics company: Rimmel.

In 1913, chemist T.L. Williams created the first modern mascara model for its sister Mabel, a combination of coal dust

mixed with Vaseline and oil gelatin. The company that Williams created, Maybelline, is a mixture between Mabel, his sister name and Vaseline.

In its incipient forms, mascara users had to dip the brush in a substance, and then apply it on eyelashes. In modern times, the tube with an attached brush, similar to the one that we know today, was produced by Helena Rubinstein in 1957. Max Factor was the first to create Mascara shaped tube with the brush directly inserted in the tube, as well as the first waterproof Mascara.

Tips for a better application of mascara:

1. Apply powder under the eyes to prevent Mascara from pouring on your face. This thing may happen if you sweat or wear foundation.
2. When applying Mascara make a Zig-Zag move, mascara does not stick to your eyelashes, and you avoid too much unwanted product.
3. If you want a dramatic look apply mascara only on top eyelashes.
4. Persons with green or blue eye can chose brown mascara, so their look won’t look too dramatic.

Mascara for all tastes:

Lancôme virtuose – for Elongation and curving without limits!
Volume diva – Astor
Smoky lash – makeup forever
Volume Mascara – Shiseido

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  1. Hello Penny, well…after my research online in found that you may buy another Astor mascara with the same properties, but it is called Ultra Volume Mascara by Astor…because i couldn’t find the product on Amazon unfortunately.