The Bants – What Are They, Just Leggings + Boots, or More?

The bants, those leggings with high-heels (boots) attached are a thing now. Are they practical, wearable, or just a celebrity stunt?

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5 Dandruff Remedies That Work

Have you ever avoided wearing black clothing because you are too worried about your dandruff being noticeable? White flakes on your shoulders is a telling sign of a dry scalp condition

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How to Get Rid of Pimples (Fast, if Possible)

Pimples are a nightmare, right? What are the cause of developing pimples and how to get rid of them — let’s find out in this extensive article


5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Spin Bikes – The Experts Opinion

In the fitness world, cycling is the best exercise. Cycling is a most effective cardiovascular exercise and which imparting strength and energy to the body.

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6 Ways to Treat Frown Lines Naturally

Most of us give no thought to frown lines until we wake up one morning and find them staring back at us in the mirror. Instead of heading for Botox injections, explore ways to naturally help prevent and slow down the appearance of frown lines on your forehead.

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What Happens to Your Face When You Sleep With Makeup On?

If it gets to be a habit to go to bed without clearing your face of makeup, you face several risks for your skin, which can trigger serious problems later on. Solving them would take longer and cost you much more than preventing them.

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Dry Skin: Symptoms and Treatment

Without being a chronic disease, for many women, dry skin is a major problem. Let’s discover their secrets together and improve the symptoms. Learn more about dry skin and what are the best treatments to get rid of it!


The Superfood With Over 20 Vitamins and Minerals

Consumed in many parts of the world, mango fruit is one of the best known and appreciated for its delicious taste but at the same time for its benefits to health. Containing over 20 different vitamins and minerals, he deserves names like “king of fruit”, “happiness fruit” or “superfood”.

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Three of the Best Essential Oil Diffusers

One of the ways for a good night sleep is an essential oil diffuser to calm and induce the sleeping state – and we all know how great for our beauty is a good night sleep! But what to choose from?


How to Detoxify Your Body Without Going Hungry

Many people confuse detoxifying their bodies with going hungry. Detoxifying refers to ridding your body of harmful products, and those products can come from the foods you eat. But why wouldn’t starving yourself be a way to detox?