Why You Should Drink Lemon Water?

lemon water

Let’s face it, lemon is a versatile and popular citrus fruit that is widely used for various reasons. This citrus fruit has a refreshing flavor and good scent; it is the reason why lemon can be found in many perfumes and recipes.

One of the uses of lemon is in drinks, from teas to juices and cocktails. Moreover, lemon has many health benefits thanks to its antibacterial and antiviral properties. This fruit also has immune boosting abilities. The lemon juice can help in cleaning the liver and has detoxifying and digestive agents that will improve your digestive health.

Though there are different ways to use lemon, the best way is by mixing it with water. According to studies, if you want to have health benefits from lemon water, you must use it every morning on an empty stomach.

This article mentions the importance of drinking lemon water. Read on to why lemon is good for weight loss.

Source of Vitamin C

This citrus fruit is known to be rich in vitamin C. It is an antioxidant that useful in protecting your cells from harming the free radicals. For some people, it can vitamin C is a good remedy for limiting the duration of a cold.

Vitamin C is great for decreasing the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease. It is helpful in reducing blood pressure. This is why you should drink lemon water in the morning.

Keeps You Hydrated

When you drink lemon water in the morning, you will be keeping yourself hydrated. Some people find it difficult to drink water. Since water is essential for us, we need to make sure we drink lots of water every day. According to the Food and Nutrition Board, men must get 125 ounces of water while women should drink 91 ounces.

With help of lemon, you can enhance the taste of water and get benefits of lemon as well.

Good for Weight Reduction

According to research, lemon helps in reducing weight. This is because it has polyphenol antioxidants that support weight loss. It was also found that lemon stops the adverse impact on the blood glucose level. Additionally, it can even improve the insulin resistance. So, when you drink lemon water on an empty stomach it helps in decreasing weight.

Excellent for Skin

Vitamin C in lemon is useful for decreasing the wrinkles on your skin. Whether your skin is damaged because of the sun or it is dry from aging, lemon water will help in making your skin flawless. The citrus-based drinks are good for eliminating wrinkles.

Eliminates the Risk of Kidney Stones

In a study, it was found that citric acid found in lemon is good for preventing kidney stones. The component of citric acid, Citrate, is good for breaking up small stones and makes urine less acidic. When you drink lemon water, it helps in flushing out the stones.

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