Anti-Chafing Creams and Treatments

Athletes get chafed skin. On the inner-thigh, the nipple area, around the shoulders, the groin area and on the bands of sports bras. Chafed skin is painful and can cause the end to an event and sideline you for weeks. And when you get in the shower ...OUCH

Our skin is biggest organ in our body, it covers every part of our body that is exposed to external factors and serves as a protective barrier to those environmental factors like temperature, pressure, sunlight, wind, water and the like. It makes sense therefore to take good care of our skin, but truth be told, we rarely pay attention to our skin unless if there is something wrong with it. We often take for granted how important our skin is until we feel pain, discomfort and feeling ill. Our skin has multiple layers and it often gets abused by the kind of soaps, lotions, moisturizers, sunblock, tanning lotions, and more that strips off the natural protective layer of our skin. 

We usually pay attention to the skin in our face as it is the most visible, and we spend hundreds of dollars to make sure it is smooth, no visible pores and wrinkles, freckles and pimples. But the skin in our body generally is also just as important. Imagine having cracked skin in your heels which are prone to infection and may become sore and painful, and even if it is just in your feet, it will affect your entire body. There are various skin conditions that warrant different treatments and medication but one condition that is very common and yet has no effective treatment is skin chafing, which is why the search for an effective anti-chafing cream is still going on. 

 What Is Skin Chafing 

Our skin contain thousands of sweat glands that is activated when the body temperature increases brought about by vigorous activity or too hot climates. When the sweat glands produce sweat it naturally cools down the body, this is our body’s own way of making sure that the body does not become too hot. When we perspire, our skin becomes saturated with water, if this goes on for long periods of time, the skin may eventually weaken because of too much water in it. If this happens, the skin is damaged and will lose the protective outer layers because of the underlying skin cells becoming saturated with water. Eventually, with a weakened or damaged skin and friction or tight fitting clothes or repetitive motions the skin in this areas become prone to chafing, blisters, hotspots, calluses, dry skin and fungal infection. Because of these, when our body sweat and it goes into the chafed skin, then it becomes very painful, or even when going into the shower and soap and water hits the exposed red skin, the pain is almost impossible to bear. 

Skin Chafing Treatments 

The most common treatment for skin chafing is the anti-chafing cream. It comes in tubes or jars and you apply it directly to the chafed skin to relieve the pain and redness and from being exposed to water, sweat and any other substance that your body comes in contact with. Most of these anti-chafing creams are made from petroleum, lanolin, wax and silicone. These substances only provide temporary relief and will not speed up the healing process, and because it just stays in the surface of the chafed skin, it can easily be removed by clothing, sweat and friction and will need another application to relieve the pain or discomfort. If it becomes infected with fungi or bacteria, an additional antibacterial or antifungal cream has to be placed on it. Some also suggest that the chafed skin should be kept dry from sweat or not to use tight fitting clothes or underwear and to make sure it is moisturized. But sometimes, this is difficult to do especially if your job requires physical exertion or you work in too warm areas like in an engine or under the heat of the sun. skin chafing is also more common among professional athletes, dancers, performers and those who regularly exercise, do marathons and other extremely physical activities. 

Anti-Chafing Cream

Anti-chafing creams are developed purposely for relieving pain and sensitivity brought about by chafed skin, however the old creams provided only temporary relief rather than being able to treat the condition. Fortunately, with advancements in technology and chemistry, a new anti-chafing cream is now available that would really address the pain and discomfort experienced by the patient and is also able to help the skin heal. This new anti-chafing cream have been tested among professional athletes and all of them have positive feedback in terms of its effectiveness. You only need to apply it once and will really protect the chafed skin from other substances that might worsen the condition. By keeping the chafed skin protected, it also facilitates faster healing of the skin of the affected area. It is lightweight, it is not greasy and it is unscented so that it does not interfere with the patient’s activities and daily life. 

How Does It Work? 

This new anti-chafing cream is made from a new chemical compound that have been designed to mimic the skins protective layers through its MicroLayer technology. This technology have enabled the product developer to create a film like layer that once placed on the skin will form into numerous micromolecular layers that is like that of the cellular layers of the skin. This protective film is porous and will be able to let out sweat when the sweat glands are activated but it will not let it seep back into the skin ensuring that the chafed skin will be able to have the opportunity to heal itself. More importantly, once applied, the micromolecular layers will not be easily taken off, it can even withstand abrasions and perspiration. It is naturally peeled off with the shedding of the skin. With continued use, it does not only protect the chafed skin and allow it to heal naturally, it can also be used to protect the skin from chafing in the future. 

Where to Get It

This anti-chafing cream is not yet available in the market but can be ordered through the company’s website. At the moment it is only available online and you can purchase it form them directly, the price is also easy on the wallet as the cream is marketed exclusively online. 

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