All You Have to Know About Breasts Auto-Examination

Every woman should examine the breast

As you all know, we, women, have to be soldiers in a war we didn’t start… the war against breast cancer. This is the reason you read more and more articles about the way you can prevent this killing disease. So, this article comes in your help, with explanations about the way you have to auto-examine your breasts in order to prevent cancer from appearing.

An auto examination is the first step in identifying any problems that you can have at the breast level. This is the easiest thing to do because you can do it yourself at home, in privacy. You heard of mammography for sure, and this is the procedure that accentuates the possible nodules, so doctors can see them better. But there is a small problem. Mammography is recommended for persons who passed the age of 40, so, for you young ladies, it only remains the auto-examination procedure or the normal palpation that your gynecologist has to do.

The first thing you have to know about auto-palpation is that you need to see a gynecologist. He will show you the exact way in which you have to examine your breasts. But, this article comes in your help for this precise reason, so you don’t have to see the doctor. We shall offer you some guidelines for a good understanding of auto-examination.

It is recommended to examine your breasts once a month after you had your period because before you can have some surprises, your breasts modify their structure and shape so, your examination won’t be relevant. This kind of control has to be a routine for you!

You have to stay in front of a mirror and analyze each breast in detail. Lift your arm and then put it back on your hip, and watch how your breast modifies its shape and size. You also need to pay great attention to the size of each breast. If there is a big difference between those two, it is necessary that you see a doctor more often.

The Particular Palpation Is Done Like This

Lift one arm and keep your hand after your back head, and with the other hand touch the breast under the raised arm. You need to keep your palm flat and press your breast with the finger’s peaks and press….but not too hard, so you can continue to fill the structure. You have to examine the whole breast surface including the nipple and then the armhole. You have to do this for each breast, once per month, in a standing position. Afterward, lay on the bed and bend your arm under your head and do the exact same thing.

You have to pay attention to the following: any nodules, any strange aspect of the skin, and any pain, anything else that seems strange! You have to pay an immediate visit to the doctor. You also need to pay attention to any leaks, size changes, skin color changes, and rush or harden skin.

It’s our powerful advice that you examine yourself once a month and do not be ashamed to visit the doctor. Fight against breast cancer starts with you!

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