Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Tanning

There are many reasons that can determine you visit a tanning studio, and the reason we wrote down this article is to show you a couple of advantages and disadvantages of using solar studios.
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There are many reasons that can determine you visit a tanning studio: you’re not happy with your natural color, your shapes stand out when you have a perfect tan or simply want a change… To get a swarthy brown color – you tried all the obvious methods: sun check solutions, creams with pigments or you went to the solarium. The fastest way to get an artificial tan is solar, but opinions are divided regarding the risks of this procedure. To decide if its worth the, we thought we balance the benefits and risks for this procedure.

The Positive Effects of Solar Tanning:

It is assumed that controlled exposure to UV is even safer than natural tan because controlled exposure to UV rays are filtered, and in the exact opposite way, natural bronze no one can guarantee that sunlight is filtered  (due to thinning of the ozone layer).

Can stimulate resistance to physical effort and make a good physical condition, positive and optimistic. Induces a good mental state, positive and optimistic.

UV rays help the body prevent osteoporosis by producing vitamin D3.

The Negative Effects of Solar Tanning:

The effects of UV rays are bad for moles, scars, spots so they must be covered during the procedure.

Hair degrades rapidly, it is therefore appropriate that during the procedure to be carried a special helmet.

But please, never abuse the solarium sessions just because you’re eager to see results.

Studies have shown that the solarium emits UV rays: UVA and UVB rays, and these lead to increased risk of skin cancer. UVB rays are more “focused” than UVA therefore it is necessary to use a cream against UVB rays.

Considering all the above, remains in your assessment if it is worth going to the beach where you can feel the sea breeze and feel the joy  or to get a good bronze in the artificial conditions but in a different atmosphere of sunny beaches.

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