Lips are the best kept secret of womanhood ... Watch for them and you will stir waves of passion ...

Lips are the best kept secret of womanhood … Watch for them and you will stir waves of passion …
In addition, the skin on the lips does not have sebaceous glands, sweat glands and hair follicles as met  in other parts of the body.

Why are lips so prone to cracking and drying?

Dry mouth is usually the result of loss of moisture caused by wind, cold and low humidity. Because the skin on the lips is thinner than the rest of the body skin, lips react quickly to the action of external agents. Applying a moisturizing product such as lip balms, delays the moisture loss and prevents the lips further irritation.

How do lips hang up in front of environmental damage?

Well, lips resist the harmful effects of various external agents such as wind, sun and environmental toxins because of their protective barrier: hydration. The skin on lips also has very little melanin content so is therefore unlikely to be affected by ultraviolet radiation.

Can lip balm protect against future damage?

If applied regularly, lip balm can become a barrier that protects the lips from irritation and injury.

If you have cracked lips, follow the steps below!

– Massage your lips with a cotton cloth soaked in olive oil.
– Cut an aloe leaf and apply it on your lips whenever necessary.
– Massage your lips with castor oil.
– Use a lip balm with peppermint extract.
– Massage your lips with the moisturizer you use the evening before falling asleep.

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