Top 10 Lingerie Trends to Look Out for in 2020

Summer is just around the corner, and you must be hitting the gym or the tanning salon for that gorgeous beach body, maybe even scrolling through tons of websites to find that perfect cute top. There's just one thing that you probably haven't even started thinking about, and that's lingerie.

Now don’t roll your eyes just yet. Lingerie is, just like regular clothes, go through their fair share of trend cycles throughout the year as well. It is the one piece of clothing almost everyone wears but not enough people talk about. Many people don’t keep themselves up to date on the latest trends in the lingerie world, but times are slowly changing, and you need to catch up.

Some trends for this year too are exciting and fresh while the others are more practical but equally important so if you like what you’ve read so far, scroll on further for top lingerie trends for the year 2020.

Extravagant Floral Patterns

Spring and summertime are perfect for diving into some gorgeous floral patterns. Silk and cotton bras with bold flowery patterns are very in this year, but a softer, more bohemian touch to the design makes it way more flattering on women of color.

While some women may love strikingly hot pink or bold colors, others may enjoy the basic neutral shades that don’t exude sheer monotony. If neutral colors look the most flattering on you, make sure that the pattern stands out enough to look stylish and chic. You don’t want to spend your money on something that isn’t getting the job done the way you want.

Rise of High-Rise Thongs and Briefs

High rise shorts have taken over way more than boy shorts and briefs. The design takes us back to the 80’s retro fits. Among them are French high cuts that models like Cindy Crawford adored back in the day. It gives you a new combination of sexy and athletic wear that is not only comfortable but definitely coming back with a bang this year.

All About the Lace!

Summer 2020 is all about color and lots of it. Many brands are using several cheerful palettes to really push you in that wondrous spring mood. With colored bras, lace has been one of the most preferred fabrics, especially when it comes to plus size bras. The lace adds an intricate vibe to the bra, and with a well-supported strap, it’s a perfect choice! Make sure to keep an eye out for neon colors if you want something a little edgier.

Bride-Y Whities!

We’re glad that times have changed, and brides are no longer just looking for white dresses anymore. With that in mind, their mood towards picking out all white lingerie for their big day has changed as well, which gives them the perfect opportunity to choose a comfortable bra as a ‘something blue’. Deep royal blues or icy neon blues tend to work perfectly, and you can pick whichever depending on how well it goes with your skin tone.  

You can also go for pink, lavender, peach or soft pastel colors if you don’t want something too bright but not entirely white. With a touch of grace, elegance, and femininity, you can’t go wrong with this color pallet.

Go Strapless

I don’t think we need to mention how important strapless bras are in the spring and summer season. With all the sundresses and minis, you’re going to be hoarding, a couple of good strapless bras are a must. Strapless bras really give you the advantage of showing that gorgeous neck and cleavage, without making you readjust your bust every three seconds. A comfortable strapless bra with a wire underneath for support is perfect for larger cups. You can even get semi strapless bras that allow you to add and remove straps on either side of the bra according to your style needs.

Add Some Frill

Frills always add some texture and fun to a dull, plain piece of lingerie, especially in the summertime. A mesh of full bordered frill bras and panties look gorgeous if you’re going for some high waisted pieces. The mesh of frill is very soft and not at all itchy, so it doesn’t compromise your comfort. 

With frills you can pick any color you’re feeling but if you want to stick to the color pallets of this year, bold colors, earthy neutral tones and basic black will do great.

Bra Top

Bra tops or T-shirt bras are one of the sexiest entries of the year. These bras are perfect for petite and bustier women alike. The design can act as a push up for women who want a fuller look and as a support for plus size women. This item is an absolute essential because not only is it sultry but also very elegant and classy.


Don’t miss out on these trends this year. As lingerie is that piece of clothing which you wear not to show off but for your own self and to feel sexy yet confident in your own skin. Splurge a little and treat yourself!

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