Three of the Best Essential Oil Diffusers

PureSpa Deluxe

When it comes to choosing an essential oil diffuser there are so many options on the market it can almost seem overwhelming. There are a lot of good options to choose from so you just need to think about your budget and what you want from your diffuser. Think about the design and where you are going to put it in your home and think about how often you want to use it for. Below are our three choices for the most attractive and effective diffusers which are available on the current market.

PureSpa Deluxe

The PureSpa Deluxe is a very popular choice when it comes to deciding what essential oil diffuser to get for your home. It’s compact and clean design makes the PureSpa Deluxe an easy addition to any modern and stylish home. The ultrasonic diffuser creates a cool mist with your essential oils and covers rooms of up to 250 square feet, which make this the perfect choice for any bedroom, cosy sitting room or office. The PureSpa Deluxe also benefits from an in-built ioniser which produces ions which will relieve stress, make you feel happier and also can aid in building up your immune system.

The PureSpa has a 10 hour run time so you can get the effects of your essential oils for an extended amount of time. This diffuser also benefits from a deep tank with a clear fill line which means you can just top up water easily without having to measure it all out first. The lighting setting on the PureSpa Deluxe also runs through four vibrant yet relaxing colours: blue, red, purple and green, which add to the ambiance of any room. You can of course turn the lights off and still benefit from the essential oils mist created. The PureSpa Deluxe is a great choice for a small yet powerful diffuser.

Zen Breeze

The Zen Breeze is at once an attractive oil diffuser whilst also using the latest science to make the most out of your favourite essential oils. Whilst the price may seem a bit about your average persons budget the quality and life span of the Zen Breeze make it well worth the spend. The diffuser works by using vibrating sound waves to take your chosen oil and makes an incredibly fine mist to diffuse your space. Unlike other conventional diffusers the Zen Breeze doesn’t use heat so your essential oils retain their health and wellbeing properties, which is integral to getting the most out of your essential oils.

The features of the Zen Breeze really make it worth it’s weight in gold. After just one fill it can run for up to 10 hours, which is an incredibly long amount of time for a diffuser. It also has a 300ml tank which helps in it’s ability to run for so long. The sleek and contemporary wooden finish is actually made of plastic which makes the Zen Breeze easy to clean and maintain, and it also has a setting of four mood lights for you to choose the best look for your home. The Zen Breeze is the best diffuser for a contemporary look and an incredible long lasting mist.

InnoGear Real Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser

The pure bamboo outer shell of the InnoGear Real Bamboo diffuser make this the best choice for a purely zen home. The look of this diffuser is second to none and unlike most other diffusers on the market it offers a completely different look for a very reasonable price. The diffuser is designed to be ascetically pleasing and will look great in any room. The fact that the diffuser is made from real bamboo is a major positive, as the nature of the wood works in complete harmony with your chose essential oil.

The InnoGear Real Bamboo diffuser has several settings known as ‘mist modes’, meaning you can really tailor this diffuser to your needs. Each mode correlates to a certain LED light colour which displays in a small and unassuming ring of colour, making this diffuser not at all intrusive in your home. The modes range from continuos misting or intermittent misting to 1 or 2 hour timer modes. This feature really makes the InnoGear diffuser the best choice for a tailored zen experience.

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