10 Reasons Not to Pop Your Pimples

You heard that you shouldn't pop your pimples, aren't you? Well, that's true and we explain why.
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It’s so tempting to just pop it and squeeze the life out of it — you get this feeling every time you see your face in the mirror with that white, swollen blemish that’s sitting so prominently on your face! You feel like popping it even more whenever you are conscious about how painful it is.

Before you do what your mind is telling you to do right now, use your better judgment.  You’d rather use some of the best skin care products for women and leave the healing to an inexpensive pimple ointment.

Below are 10 good reasons why you should forget about that nasty plan of yours:

1. You May Only Worsen the Swelling and Redness.

Don’t irritate your already irritated skin further.  If you already find bothersome the way your pimple appears right now, touching it with your bare hands will only make it appear worse and there’s a good chance you’ll be sorry when it does.

2.  the Pimple Dome That’s Bothering You So Much Isolates the Bacteria From the Rest of Your Skin.

So, even though it looks nasty, that swelling you see is in fact your skin’s way of controlling infection.  Just be more careful with products, like Derma Promedics, that you are using on your skin.  Check the labels and make sure that there isn’t anything there that may be causing you to breakout.

3.  the Pus May Scatter and Splatter Around Surrounding Pores.

That will be sad because then, you’ll have to worry about three other pimples simply because you can’t wait for this one to ripen and pop on its own.

4.  Just Touching Your Pimple Can Lead to Infection.

Did you know that your gadgets, including your phone, are among the dirtiest things you can hold, even dirtier than a bowl in a public toilet!  And you dare touch your infected skin with your dirty fingers?

5.  Scabs Can Develop.

This will give you a much harder time to stage an effective cover up.  Plus, no matter how hard you try, it will still show through.  Resist the urge to squeeze your pimple, distract yourself and do something else.

6.  Acne Scars May Develop.

When it does, make sure to use products that help heal and brighten your acne scars.  There are brightening creams and then there are products like Derma Promedics which stimulate natural skin repair processes by moisturizing skin and introducing peptides.

7.  Popping a Pimple May Lead to Skin Discoloration.

Even the best skin care products for women may have a hard time dealing with hyperpigmentation, most especially on aging skin.  So, don’t risk it.

8.  Bacteria May Be Pushed Deeper Into the Pores.

This unfortunate possibility can very well lead to other, more serious, more persistent infections that can readily spread throughout your skin, including acne. This can likewise cause your pimple to become even more inflamed and irritated.

9.  Pressing on Your Pimple Will Only Cause It to Heal Longer.

Pimples have a life cycle, just let it play out. Simply use makeup to cover it up if it bothers you so much.  In about three days, your pimple will dry out but, if you keep picking on it, it will make the healing process longer.  Worse, the infection may spread to other areas of your skin.

10.  It Becomes a Nasty Habit.

Picking on and popping up pimples can easily become a bad habit. This is how many women and men begin to be embattled by persistent acne. Usually, the problem is the behavior, including bad habits such as these, and very rarely does an ineffective acne treatment become the problem.


The next time you feel like popping your pimple is a good idea, think again. That pimple holds in place a disgusting mix of skin impurities, excess oils and pimple causing bacteria which, when popped and pricked can easily infect surrounding pores and develop into a more problematic acne problem.

If you do have a compelling reason to get that pimple out of your face right now, don’t do it on your own. Approach your derm clinic and leave the pricking and poking to the professionals.

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