The Three Best Gadgets for Face Cleaning

Before you consider any makeup, you need to prepare before you get all those chemicals. So you have to pay a lot of attention to skin care and improve your complexion.

I’d like to introduce you further three gadgets that are very fashionable now are the best ways to clean your skin, believe me!

Product #1: Ultrasonic Vibration Face Washing Brush

It has three main characteristics that translate into great benefits for your skin:

1. That’s a sonic face brush eliminates blemish-causing impurities while remaining exceptionally gentle on the skin. All it takes is one minute twice a day for a fresh, clear and naturally beautiful complexion. It uses T-Sonic pulsations to effectively cleanse deep below the skin’s surface. It offers a gentle, effective cleanse to decrease the onset of acne breakouts, removing up to 99.5% of dirt and oil, dead skin cells, unclogs pores and removes makeup residue.

What Are T-Sonic Pulsations?

This is a term promoted by FOREO that stands for “transdermal sonic pulsations”. These pulses are channeled through the soft silicone touch-points to the outer layers of the skin, to allow a cleaning process that’s done with an increased precision than your own hand.

2. Secondly, this device uses LED light therapy with three light wavelengths:

Red Light: Improves wrinkles, promoting the collagen production.

Green Light: Uniforms the skin colour, improves the dark waxy skin.

Blue Light: Effective sterilisation, improvement of oil secretion.

3. You can use the FOREO masks or any compatible pads to apply active ingredients into the skin. Apply the pads into the socket, turn in and wait a couple of minutes to heat up and be prepared to use it in your skin.

So, even if you’re not using the masks from FOREO, this device will take your daily skincare to the next level by easing the process of cleaning your face.

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Product #2: Face Cleaning Beauty Gadget – Waterproof Ultrasonic Skin Deep Cleanser & Massager

This gadget is a 2-in-1 device: it’s a cleanser and a facial massager – in one innovative beauty gadget!

1. the Cleanser

Forget about the regular soap bar and get ready to embrace the next generation of face cleaners. The silicone brush head has two types of little “fingers”, one for the T-zone area and one for the rest of the face. With it’s 8000 pulses per minute, it does far greater job than your hand for face cleaning.

2. the Massager

After cleaning your face, turn the device and indulge yourself with it’s eight intensities of vibrations  to massage your face and neck. The massage will help you to relax and prep the face for the night creams and serums.

I recommend to use it on a daily basis, during the face care routine in the morning and evening. Use it on your face and neck, too.

With this device users experienced: 97% more deeply cleansed skin 97% softer & smoother skin 87% healthier-looking skin – so, it’s a safe investment in your beauty routine.

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Product #3: Anion Ultrasonic Skin Cleanser Spatula

Now, this is a real weapon against a dirty face skin and dark pores!

Basically it is a vibrating spatula that uses soft peeling to clean the pores and also uses a little electrical current to help the skin to absorb nutrients from your beauty products.

  1. The first use of the spatula is to clean the outer layer of the skin from the dust, impurities and pollution. Is uses water as the basis of it’s process. The secret behind this wonder Anion Ultrasonic Skin Cleanser Spatula are the powerful sonic pulses (28000Hz) and of course, the anion therapy (mild heating).

These pulses are actually sound waves. When the sound waves are combined with the water that is sprayed on your face and they work together to penetrate the skin. By penetrating the skin they get deep into your pores to break up dirt, debris, oil, blackheads, dead skin cells and so on. All of these different types of bacteria are then pulled out of the skin – leaving you with a clean and smooth face.

2. The second use of the spatula is it’s reversed face that will use anions to allow skin care products’ nutritions to easily penetrate and be completely absorbed by the deeper layers of the skin.

It has 4 working modes optional: low, high, repeat pulse and anion mode. 

To get the expected improvements it should be used together with skin care products such as deep cleansing oil, cleaning foam, toner, massage cream, essential oil, essence cream, and also it’s recommended to be used 2-3 times per a week, for better results – but not everyday due to it’s dermabrasion process.

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Now, I selected these three products to become part of our Beautips Store portfolio just because they represent a great combo fo you to clean your face. Which one would you try first?

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