The Sexy Pocket Guide for a Sexy Summer Fashionista

Riviera Style-French Girl Chic

Summer fashion trends for 2010 boast a broad range of styles, colors, and textures. These looks are easily achieved and allow anyone to release the fashionista within. This summer’s most popular fashions range from sporty, urban looks to sophisticated long dresses with high slits. Some of the hottest summer fashions include the following:

Pants: hot pants, tap pants, and boy shorts will be everywhere this summer. Now may be the time to start a workout to get those legs in shape. These short shorts bare a lot of skin. Bold patterns abound in all types of pants this season. Stripes, floral, and geometric shapes will be just a few of the options offered.

Sport: clothing influenced by the sports world will be hugely popular this summer. Jersey fabrics and mesh, cut-off and cropped tee shirts, and shorts with cross-lacing similar to football and baseballs are examples of this trend. Shoulder pads from the 80’s are also making a comeback. Pleated tennis skirts and bold sports stripes are additional elements of the 2010 sporty look.

Colors: Earth tones will be very popular this summer season. Another trend is to dress in all white. This is a great way to highlight a summer tan.

Turquoise: turquoise has such a great vibe and creates a state of well being as it pleasures the eyes with its warmth. Fashion designers and designer houses like Lacoste and Nanette Lepore are only a few designers that used this lovely color in their fashion designs.

Yellow: it seems that this color looks adorable and exudes warmth as it is a color that can be associated with the sun. Lemony bright yellow looks perfect with subtle tanned skin so make sure this color is a part of your wardrobe.

Orange-Red: this color combination looks absolutely adorable as it is filled with emotion. The color exudes warmth and sensuality, being a perfect hue for almost all types of complexions. This color can spice up your wardrobe allowing you to stand out and look fabulously trendy.

Pink: pink seems to always be appropriate for summer and the new pink hues which are in trend this summer have a very lovely coloration. Soft baby pink to neon pink have been presented on the runway fashion presentations this spring summer season and they all looked fabulous.

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