Self Care – Body Relaxation With Algae Packing

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Are you stressed out? Because I am… even though the new year just started, stress pulls me away from a normal life, every second of the day. I would give almost anything for a little relaxation. I feel lucky today because I discovered a great way to relax my body and to take care of myself: algae packing. This is a real fortune, the thing that we can choose from a wide range of possibilities that can make us feel better in just one hour (or less). Try SPA, massage, chocolate packing and algae packing.

Algae packing is a great example of merging the business with pleasure, for by their properties are designed to reduce cellulite and restore beauty and skin elasticity by a technique that helps us relax and recharge our batteries.

Rich in trace elements, mineral salts and proteins, algae applied on our skin enter into a kind of symbiosis with it and offer it from its miraculous substances. In the same time it is taking all the toxins out, these are eliminated through sweat. So the results are: detoxification and nourishment of skin, resulting a firm skin (elastic and very soft), and reducing the visible traces of cellulite.

This Is the Simple Way That Algae’ Packing Is Done

The products we are talking about are not the common algae we see at the seaside, we can’t take them in natural shape and use them at home. They are present among the substances used by beauticians in powders, for use in a certain treatment, or mix it with water or tea getting the composition of a gel. It is applied on the skin surface and then you are “packed” in the osmotic film or isothermal jacket, or plastic. The algae will act for 25 minutes at a constant temperature of 37-38 degrees in horizontal position.

It is a simple procedure, painless, with amazing effects both physically and mentally. Remember, we deserved it from time to time, we need to get rid of stress and negative emotions, so, a self care ritual, is as good as it gets.

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