Five Self-Care Tips to Try Out This Spring

With our go, go, go lifestyles and the constant pressures of family and career, self-care is a vital part of ensuring that you are able to handle whatever life throws your way.
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Keeping your mind and body healthy guarantees that you’ll be able to accomplish the things you want and need to. These self-care tips will help you flow into spring and summer looking and feeling your best. 

1. Skin Refresh

The changing of the seasons is a great occasion to give your skin some extra attention. After a long winter filled with heated spaces and dry air, we’re sure your skin could use some extra TLC. Try exfoliating your entire body with a body brush and a body scrub, then smoothing on some extra intense lotion or body oil. Then curl up in a warm space and a 100% cotton bathrobe to let the moisture soak into your skin. Repeating this once a week or so will get your skin glowing for summer. 

You might also take extra care to get ready for bathing suit season. Try an at-home pedicure, paying special attention to your heels and any other parched skin. There are also several cellulite treatments that could help to give you that extra boost of confidence once summer rolls around. 

2. Update Your Skin Care Routine

As the seasons change, so should your skin care routine. For spring, you’ll want to concentrate on exfoliation to get rid of that dry winter skin. As the temperature rises, your make-up should get lighter and lighter. If you typically wear full foundation and powder, try switching to a lighter BB or CC cream for every day. If you concentrate on your skincare routine, you may find that you won’t need full coverage anymore!

Of course, as we spend more and more time outside, we need to make sunscreen a priority. For the delicate skin on the face make sure that sunscreen is applied every day and reapplied when needed. Making these changes to your skin care routine can help you keep on track when it comes to self-care, and your skin will thank you.

3. Make a Fitness Goal

When the weather gets better, it’s only natural to want to spend more time outside. How about being intentional about it and setting a fitness goal for yourself? A physical fitness goal is a great way to carve out time for yourself and make your health a priority. It’s not about additional pressure, but instead about giving yourself permission to take on a challenge. 


  • Joining a social adventuring club.
  • Training for a 5K, 10K or a half-marathon.
  • Training for a charity walk.
  • Attending a certain number of yoga classes a week.

We promise when you make time for yourself and your fitness, you’ll see not just physical results, but feel positive mental outcomes too.

4. Try Something New

This self-care suggestion is also about making time for yourself. To grow as a people, we should always be willing to learn and move forward in our lives. Giving yourself permission to try something new, even if you’re scared, can give you a much-needed boost in your confidence. 


  • Take a class at a local college or library.
  • Learn to scuba or skydive!
  • Learn to sail.
  • Try your hand at making things. Knitting, pottery, and painting are all calming and enriching activities.
  • Choose an adventure vacation, and get started training for it!

The point here is to do something that you’re a little scared of. If you’ve always been athletic, try taking a literature course at a local college instead of learning to waterski. Conversely, if you single-handedly run your book club, try something more physical to broaden your horizons. 

5. Revisit a Favorite

As vital as it is to try new things, sometimes revisiting our old favorites can do us a world of good. Knowing where we came from and understanding who we were can help us plot a course to who we want to be in the future. This can be as simple as making time to reread a favorite book from college, mastering a family recipe or planning a whole trip around a visit to your hometown or visiting old friends. 

Allowing yourself to enjoy familiar things and learn from your past is a way of respecting who you used to be. It can be easy to get stuck in this nostalgia, but revisiting your past can also be a healthy way to help you move past it. This respect will spill over and help you respect and care for yourself now as well. It can also be amusing and enlightening to make this a shared warm-weather goal with a partner or friend and trade experiences sharing things from your past, whether those things are albums, foods or old swimming holes. 

We promise that taking time out of your busy life to implement some of these self-care tips will provide a big return on your investment. Besides, what better thing to invest in than yourself? So whether you decide to try something new, revisit something familiar, revamp your skin care routine, refresh your body for summer or go after an ambitious fitness goal, we hope that you’ll take some of these suggestions to heart and refresh yourself for spring.

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