Scarves and How to Wear Them

No matter what outfit you decide to wear, a scarf or collar could be not only functional, protecting us from cold weather, but also a nice, modern accessory.

At the same time it will protect us from unwanted colds, as well as we will complete the entire outfit, giving the defining note.

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Beauty tip: many scarves though mostly monochrome or in non-colors, are extremely elegant and by their loose movements emphasize the idea of naturalness.

How to Choose Your Scarves

Choose black scarf when you have no other option to go with it. How trends in terms of color seem to play on the idea of alternating black and white, it’s good to know that these shades also go with scarves. Usually long scarves and with very thin material will add a touch of elegance to any appearance, from a casual outfit to a cocktail or party one.

black elegant scarves

Combining materials is absolutely necessary. Styling a shirt with a silk scarf of the same material is boring. Instead, you can opt for a satin scarf in pastel colors.

Don’t wear it knotted. Last year we all had checkered scarves image, being wrapped in the strangest ways, the keyword this year is lightness. Thus, for maximum effect, a spring scarf will be just hanging around the neck, offering the “hurry to go” look, which is natural and sexy.

loose scarves

If you wear an evening dress, the preferred material should be velvet.  Skinny scarves are in fashion, bringing with it something of tenderness touches of early 20th century.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that this year’s scarves are extremely long. Even if the materials are not the same as last year, the old idea according to which the scarf has to overdue the length of the woman’s leg is maintaining.

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