How to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Photos

When you are getting married, you surely have put a lot of time and effort into looking absolutely gorgeous for your wedding day. It is definitely of supreme importance that your look on your big day gets translated into your wedding photos really well. Don’t worry!

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Here are some really useful tips for you to look your best in your wedding photos. Follow them and you will be able to pull off stunning wedding photos. Have a look:

Tip #1: The Right Makeup and Hairstyle!!

The choice of makeup matters a lot on your wedding day. Don’t highlight your face too much if it’s going to be a beach wedding. Flash photography sometimes washes out the makeup in pictures; highlight the best features of your face and body only. You would want to look glowing not washed out. Be smart with choosing the makeup look. Keep in mind the venue and time of the day when you are making makeup decisions with your makeup artist. Also, the right hairstyle which suits your face shape the best will boost your confidence so much. If you are conscious about a facial feature, ask your hairstylist to consider something more suitable. Like if you want your face to look broader, don’t part your hair from the middle. You can go for some nice twists and curls and even braid.

Tip #2: Maintain Your Posture.

Never underestimate the power of maintain a nice posture.  Keep your tummy in, draw your shoulders backwards, and keep your chin up. This posture helps you look thin and smart. If you will be hunching and having an awkward posture on your wedding day, your picture will definitely be not as good as you expect them to be. Keep in mind that this day is one of the most important days in your life so enjoy it to the fullest and make an appearance that you will happily recall always!

Tip #3: Don’t Follow Unflattering Fashion Trends.

Fashion trends keep changing. You should choose some immortal look for your wedding. Something that will look really suits you. Some brides just blindly follow the latest bridal trends and end up ruining their bridal looks. That super sparkly red eye shadow and lipstick might be in trend for this year but they won’t look so appealing to people in the very next year. Go for something soft and timeless which enhances your best features.

Tip #4: Practice Poses.

To look your best in your wedding photos, start practicing your favorite poses before the wedding day in front of a mirror. Search and prepare the poses that you dream about, make a list of them and practice them until you can perfectly pull them off with your partner. You can even practice some hairstyles and makeup looks in wedding apps to make the decisions for your hair and makeup. These apps are great to virtually see which hairstyle or make up will suit your face more.

Tip #5: Feel Beautiful and Smile!

There is one thing common between every single bride and that is every bride is BEAUTIFUL!! It doesn’t matter what size, age, shape, color. It is amazing to see how a bride walks down that aisle and so much confidence radiates from her. If you are to-be-bride, just remember to feel beautiful, your photographer will be able to take stunning photos of you if you will be able to believe in yourself and love yourself.


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