Rhinoplasty Guide: Choosing the Right Nose Shape

This list can serve as a guide on choosing the right nose shape that will perfectly match your face.

Every nose is unique and beautiful in their own little ways. However, some people feel that their noses could get better. Some good make-up skills can help you make your nose look the way you want it but for a more permanent option, you can take a leap of faith get it done by a cosmetic professional. If you are planning to undergo rhinoplasty or cosmetic nose surgery, it is wise to know about the different kinds of nose shapes so you can decide on the right nose shape to lessen your rhinoplasty cost as some operations do not come out perfect the first time. 

According to a study done by an Israeli professor under the name of Abraham Tamir which he published on the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery on 2011, there are 14 distinct types of nose shapes which ranges from the fleshy nose to the snub nose and a somewhat similar hawk nose. However, some scholars have criticized the findings as it only identified the types of Caucasian noses. 

For our purpose we shall also include the types of noses other populations have such as African Americans, Asians, and Latinos. 

Fleshy Nose

Dubbed as “The Einstein” as seen on the famous scientist, Albert Einstein’s bulbous nose, this nose shape is by far the most common as identified on Professor Tamir’s study. It accounts for over 24 of the noses studied across the sample. Typically, this type of nose has large and protruding shape. They also have a fleshy appearance as seen among Caucasians.

Emma Stone turned-up nose

Turned-Up Nose

Among the most requested nose types, is the Turned-Up Nose which is also called the celestial nose. According to Professor Tamir’s study, among 13% of Caucasians have this type of nose. Interestingly, many celebrities sporting this kind of nose has made this type of nose desirable. It is characterized by having dent in the middle of the bridge with a protruding tip on a typical small nose. If you are going for this type of nose, better make sure to choose only the best cosmetic surgeons as turned-Up nose procedures can easily get south as seen on Michael Jackson’s nose. 

Beyonce nubian nose

Nubian Nose

This type of nose is characterized as having a longer bridge with a wide base which is common among African Americans such as famous celebrities Beyonce and Gabrielle Union. According to some surgeons, those having this type of nose are typical recipients of rhinoplasty. 

Lucy Liu east asian nose

East Asian Nose

This type is most commonly seen among East Asian descendants, it is characterized as having a slim and flat shape. It has a shorter tip compared to other types of noses. Most people with this type of nose often request their nose to be widened. On the other hand, those with wider noses wants theirs to look like East Asian noses. 

Jennifer Aniston greek nose

Greek Nose

Perfectly straight noses as seen on the gorgeous Greek god sculptures are those noses that feature a straight bridge. Jennifer Aniston who is part Greek and Kate Middleton are those celebrities that have this type of nose. People who have bumps on their bridges often request for this type of nose. 

Roman Nose

Another example of a type of nose found in ancient sculptures, a Roman nose resembles those of Roman philosophers. It is characterized by a sloping curve that is prominently protruding as seen on the famous actor, Ryan Gosling’s and Tom Cruise’s. This nose gives an impression of a strong and defined profile which makes a person more attractive. 

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