How to Match Colors Correctly for Your Daily Outfit

Learn our tips on matching colors for your clothings. There are some simple basic rules, then play with your imagination!

The only time of the year in which crazy splashes of color can be mixed and matched has finally arrived. You might be tired of standing in front of your wardrobe for hours putting together your outfits and trying to come up with one nice combination. Whether it’s about the pants you put on, or the tank top you don or a fringed off shoulder dress you pin in, you’ll love to match colors correctly.

From light to darker tones blue, red, green and yellow along with their several darker chime tones can be played on. To wear off the scorching heat in a different way and enjoy the light breeze, this summer, let’s learn how to play with eye-catching colors etched on your lineup and match colors like a champ.

Contrasting the Colors

Match the Colors Following the Shades of Descent

Keep the selection of colors limited to the family of the colors; low key with low key, earth tones with the palette of brown, greens and grays and jewel tones with smoky quartz and pale.

Color Wheel“Opposites Attract”

Color wheel serves as the best friend in this matter when you have to rummage for the opposites colors that attract one other. Yes, some of the basic complementary colors; black with white, blue with orange, red with green and yellow with purple.

Matching the Outfits

Set Up All Together Before Getting in It

Never put on any costume before you set up our overall outfit on the bed or pin on yourself and get a look in the mirror. A light color is always highlighted with a neon color to beautify it. Use your imagination and set up a denim shirt with a chartreuse skirt and see the magic with your own eyes.denim shirt with a chartreuse skirt

Take a Look on the Print!

print2Suppose you want to accessorize an orange paisley scarf with an outfit and you can’t think of which color outfit to adorn it with. Then look into the print of the scarf! Does it have orange and cream color? That’s your queue. You can pair up an orange dress with a cream biker jacket and garb it with the printed orange paisley.


Choose Neutrals Incase of Doubts

Neutral colors are the shining stars mainly because they befriend every other star present in the colorful sky. The names of these super stars are: black, white, brown, navy and grey. Get your wardrobe filled with major clothing in neutral splashes.

neutral colors

Follow the One Color Trick With Neutrals

Take out one piece of costume of any neutral color and add one color to it. Check out the following matches:

Black pant with a red top and grey blazer
Black pant with a red top and grey blazer


White blouse with green jacket
White blouse with green jacket


Grey t-shirt with purple pants
Grey t-shirt with purple pants


Colors are the best way of expressing your inner world in a dazzling way. They simply make the eyes pop out when the figure dressed in striking contrasts of colors comes by. The tones shall feature the bold personality and feminine style proving your interest in going side by side with latest trends. Get yourself a refreshing look; add up some cheerfulness in sweating weather by playing the game of mixing and matching colors. They speak for your enchanting personality!

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