Ombre Manicure – Simple Designs in Delicate Gradient Nail Color

Ombre nails patterns or gradients are among the most popular choices in terms of manicure at the moment, remaining in the top nail choices of aficionados season after season. How is the best way to get ombre nails?

Ombre manicure is suitable for both long or short nails, natural or geled nails. Due to its versatility, ombre manicure remains a favorite for several seasons.

Materials Needed for Ombre Manicure

  1. A nail polish base and a glowing one
  2. Nail varnish (at least two shades)
  3. Toothpicks
  4. Sponge (at least one straight side) / brush
  5. Cosmetic sticks, brush, acetone (to ease the process of cleaning)

How Do You Get Ombre Nail Art

To achieve ombre manicure, you can use nail polishes in complementary shades or block color tones, but the most suitable colors are the ones forming a gradient from one lighter shade to a darker color shade of the same family.

  1. Choose a base color that you apply over the entire nail. Make sure the nail polish is dry before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Take a cosmetic sponge (one that you apply foundation is perfect), moisten it and then remove excess water.
  3. Apply alternatively a layer of pale nail polish and right next the layer of darker nail polish with which you want to create the gradient. The layers of nail polish can be applied both horizontally and vertically (depending on the shape of the gradient that you want).
  4. Gentle press with the sponge the nail several times, until you get the desired ombre effect. Finish with a clear nail polish. It’s that easy to get simple nail manicure ombre technique, as a gradient!

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