Can Our Outfits Spark Creativity?

Translating imaginative ideas and bringing them into existence, either for introducing new ways or products; or improving them, is creativity. Imagine all the facilities that we have today, like modern transport, internet, latest tech, complex architecture, advance medical services etc., is because of creativity.
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Recently, on my usual reading spree over the internet, consuming all sorts of random stuff, I came across a post on stating that formal dressing leads to more creativity and casual attire helps to become more concentrative when doing tasks, referencing to a study by Dr. Abraham M. Rutchick.

I’d like to partly differ with the above study; as to me, curiosity and constraints breed creativity, not our dressing. But I do agree with the notion that casual clothing may help with better concentration as we’re more comfortable and relaxed in them than being suited-up. Also it is important to keep in mind that the sample size of the study is very small, i.e. 60 students.

It will be interesting to find out the views of larger group of people in this regard.Interesting and insightful would be a study that is carried out with a larger group of people that can be continuously monitored for a longer period of time on the basis of their creative performances and how they dress. Furthermore I’m sure there is a multi-faceted approach to this statement, as I share a couple of angles that you may agree with or maybe not. Still, there is a lot to be said about perception on this subject and how each individual may have a unique way of understanding it.

Why We Aspire Creativity?

We aspire to be creative so that we can improve our current state – be it at a personal level or a grand social/world scale. In this struggle for something better, there are a lot of people who unduly criticise themselves for perceiving theirselves as non-creative. So could this be something brought on by birth or do we work or do something to attain it? For some this may be a subjective topic that may not have one correct answer. As they say all five fingers aren’t the same, henceeach perception to one subject may also vary.

I think we need to cut ourselves some slack, as no two persons are the same; we’re creative and different in our own ways. But we can work to get better at it. As creativity stems from our mind, we can train our brain by feeding it with lots of information and different experiences.

Reading, visiting different places and meeting new people are some of the ways the brain gets its content, which it processes to make connections, find unrelated hidden patterns; this intricate, complex process ultimately leads to curiosity which sparks creativity.

Instead of attempting to be someone we’re not, or striving to become someone others see us as, we ought to focus more on our life’s purpose, the role we have to play out in this lifetime and in doing so the best way we can, in itself sparks a form of creativity that would be unlike anything anyone has seen. The best part is that this goes way beyond the surface of what others see including any kind of outfit. Now wouldn’t that be something worth aspiring to be.

Creativity & Dressing

It can be said that there is a general consensus that things would’ve been a lot boring without creativity, especially when it comes to clothes and style overall. A creative mind may sometimes be at an advantage, as it can easily figure out the silhouettes, accents, accessories etc. that will look good, how it is to be worn and all details regarding this. Yet the best outfit in the world no matter how creative, cannot bring you sustainable happiness, confidence or self-worth. Which means that true creativity has nothing to do with what you wear or how you wear it, but rather how you see yourself, your surroundings or the world and what you do and can do to make it better.

What you wear, how you speak, what you eat, how you live are some of the results that have been churned out from the feeding of your unconscious and allowing it to foster solutions, results or to bring about change. So do you see yourself as being creative and how much of that creativity would you say has something to do with what you wear?

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