Shape and Tone: Ways on How to Achieve Sexy Shoulders

Having a sexy body is an asset to every woman, it doesn't only give impact to our physical appearance, but it also gives a lot of benefits to our daily lifestyle. That's why there are a lot of women out there who spends so much time doing physical exercises every day.

As such, there are a lot of exercise routines that are known today, but most women are into exercises that aims to have good abs and excellent shape in the lower body. Hence, here’s what you should know, aside from keeping your lower shape and abdomen sexy, having a great and sexy shoulder is now on the trend when it comes to being physically fit.

Sleek and sexy shoulders give impact not only on your appearance but also to your health. It contributes a lot especially when it comes to lifting. Having a sexy shoulders balances the proportion of your body, and it also gives the illusion of a curvy waist. So, other women should also try to shape up their shoulders. Here are some ways on how to achieve sexy shoulders.

Start With Shoulder Warm-Up

Before you do all the workouts to build up a sexy shoulder, it is important that you start with a warm-up exercise. A shoulder warm-up is essential because it helps to avoid shoulder aches and joint pains after you do your workout.

There are a lot of warm-up exercises to perform, but the most common is the shaking and stretching of your arms. This kind of exercise could help loosen up your shoulder before you do lifting. By doing this, you need to shake your arms for a minute then proceed to stretch.

Upon stretching, you can use a broomstick to mobilize your shoulder. Moreover, you could also do chest stretch to squeeze your shoulder. An elastic band is also an excellent tool when you do stretching for it to press the outer part of your shoulder muscles.

Perform Dumbbell Pressing

After you do your warm up, you can now proceed to dumbbell pressing. This kind of workout is beneficial when you’re building a muscular and sculpted shoulder. You may try the following dumbbell exercise to attain your desired shoulders.

  • Dumbbell Push Press. With legs apart, grip a pair of the dumbbell to your hands, position it up leveling your ears then push and press it upward overhead for about 3-5 minutes.   
  • Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press. Have a hold of a dumbbell in both of your arms, then sit on a bench with an upright back support. From then, raise the dumbbells to your shoulders, press it over your head until you lock your elbows then lower it slowly to your starting point. Repeat the procedure for a couple of minutes.

Go on a Dumbbell Raise

Dumbbell raising is a shoulder workout which targets to build up your front and medial deltoids. This kind of workout can provide a variety of different strength outcomes. Performing the front and lateral raise two days a week will be a great start for you.

  • Front Raise– In standing position, hold a pair of dumbbells with you and raise it straight out in front of you reaching the parallel position to the floor.
  • Lateral Raise. Position your feet apart and slightly bend your knees. Then raise your arms with a pair of dumbbells straight out to your sides, raise it reaching the level of your shoulders. Make a pause and return to your starting position. Repeat it several times.

Execute Shoulder Planking

Shoulder planking strengthens your arms, wrist, and shoulders.  It helps to provide you a right balance and body posture.

By doing this kind of exercise, start in a plank position then rest your wrists under your shoulders and position your feet width apart. As for the movement, touch your left shoulder with your right hand and return to plank position. Continue doing this alternately with your left hand and complete a set. One set consists of 15 to 20 repetitions.

Do Push Ups

If you don’t have dumbbells or barbells at home, this exercise is a great help for you. Doing push-ups are one of the best practices for your shoulder stability and health. It is very beneficial to women for it helps strengthen a woman’s chest and firms her arms.

There are different ways to perform push-ups, but for women, you can do the wall, diamond, and elevated push-ups. These push-ups help build and shape up shoulders.

Takeaway for Your Sexy Shoulders

Having a perfectly shaped body is what most women desire to achieve. That’s why there are a lot of women today to tend to spend the time to exercise to have a sexy body. Hence, we can’t deny that most of us focus only on having a good shape of the lower body and having the perfect packs of abs.

Thus, having sleek and sexy shoulders is also a great factor to have a perfectly shaped body. It balances the proportion of your body and impacts the curve of your waist and hips. Nevertheless, attaining to have sexy shoulders is not easy. So, the ways mentioned above can be a great help for you. Sites like Deal Wiki is also an excellent reference for your shaping needs.

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