Camping— the perfect chance to be with nature, explore the hidden beauty of the earth, and test your limits.
However, most people equate camping to relaxing. And while this is true, it is not an excuse for you to shove all those smores in your mouth or lounge the day away until camping is over.

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Here’s how you can enjoy camping while staying healthy and maintaining your fitness regimen.

Essentials and Tips to Stay Healthy While Camping

Stay Hydrated

If you are under the sun and moves around a lot with sweats pouring down your face, then staying hydrated is crucial. Having a hydration bladder is an easy way to stay hydrated while camping. Moreover, camping means you either brought ready-to-eat foods or want to cook in the darkness of the night while warming up. Therefore, if you are camping, then you need to make sure that you have enough water for drinking or cooking.

Plan Meals in Advance

Regardless of how many days you plan on camping, failure to prepare meals usually means that you will end up eating whatever is in your backpack, making you less healthy.

If you are going out to meet Mother Nature, then you need to make sure that you have a healthy stash of nutrients and proteins instead of taking saltier and less healthy junk foods and snacks. And if you are a vegan or you enjoy a less meaty food, there’s great, because you can benefit of the local foods.

And if available, you can research some local restaurants near your camping site that offer healthy food, or you can cook some for yourself.

Pack the Right Travel Workout Gear

This might sound obvious; however, you are going to need the right set of clothing for your workout. This means sports bra, loose shirts, leggings, hiking shoes, lots of towels and more. If you are on doubt and to avoid overpacking, I suggest you pack more workout gears and less regular clothing since you will be spending more time sweating on a camping trip anyway.

Camp on Areas With Plenty of Space and Hiking Trails

Looking for places with enough space is crucial is you need to stay healthy when camping. This means you have access to water and areas where you can create bonfires and cook your meals.

Furthermore, it provides you with enough space and places to workout and sweat instead of just sitting in your campground all day, doing nothing.

Track Your Fitness Goals and Eating With Free Apps

If you are the type of individual who stays fit and eat healthy at home, then there is no reason for you to stop it just because you are on a camping trip.

You can use free apps or smartwatches like Apple, or Fitbit smartwatches to record your eating habits and exercise so that you can monitor and never be behind schedule of your fitness goals.

Workouts You Can Do When Camping

Tree Branch Pull-Ups

Find a tree branch which roughly has the thickness, height, and strength of a pull-up bar to ensure your safety. With palms facing away from you, reach the branch and slowly bend your elbows top pull your body upwards until your chin is in level with the branch.

Keep your abdominals engaged and your body straight as you repeat this movement. In case the branch is too rough to your touch, then you can try towel-pull-ups instead.

Rock Dips

Find a sturdy shin-height rock you can press against. Facing away from the rock, in a sitting position, make sure that your knees and legs are stretched out at over 90 degrees and your back is straight. Lower yourself until your triceps are parallel with the floor. Then slightly straighten your arms. Repeat this movement until you feel the burn.

Sit-Ups Under the Stars

It is not often that sit-ups routine comes with the beautiful, sparkling night sky view, so you need to take advantage of that. Look for a flat patch of the ground then lay on your back with your feet flat on the ground and knees bent.

Place your hands behind your ears, lift your shoulder off the ground and engage your abdominals while using your hands to support your neck and head, pulling your chin towards your knees. Then release back gently into your initial position and repeat for desired sets.

Running or Walking Trails

Look for local running paths or hiking trails ahead of your camping trip so you can look forward to a relaxing camp while doing cardio on breathtaking natural views.

Climb a Bit

If possible, you can add a bit of climbing on your camping trip. Climbing machine is great; however, if you are out on this kind of nature trip, then you can enjoy climbing real trees and even mountains if you can.

Add Some Resistance

These workouts can help you stay fit while camping, however, if you want to level up, then you can add resistance. You do not need to take those heavy dumbells and weight belts out there— nature will provide it to you. Just take some rocks and throw them on a durable backpack and you will soon feel the difference.

Camping does not mean you can cut some slack on your healthy diet and workout routine. Camping is the best opportunity for you try out something “naturally different” to your regular fitness routine.

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